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Chinese boy turns botanical after tooth extraction surgery… Hypoxic brain death depends on respirators for survival

The boy was originally operated on just to remove his teeth, but for unknown reasons, he turned into a vegetative state. (provided by parents)

A five-year-old Chinese boy from Staten Island recently had his teeth extracted at an island hospital.ProceedingDuring the procedure, for unknown reasons, he suffered cardiac arrest and brain death due to hypoxia. So far, he has been intubated in the intensive care unit and relied on a ventilator to survive, and has become a vegetative state.AsianThe Association of Societies asked for help, saying the hospital had not yet provided a reason, and hoped that the Asian Association could help find answers.

The boy’s father, Gao Junbin, told the head of the Asia Association, Chen Shanzhuang, that the child’s teeth were damaged by eating too much sugar.Brooklyn(Brooklyn) a dental clinic, but because the boy was too young and the dental equipment was not enough, he was transferred to a hospital for surgery under the clinic’s recommendation; On the 15th of this month at 6:00 am, the parents with the child arrived at a hospital in Shidao and at eight o’clock in the operation room began to remove the tooth, the doctor said that it would be over in about an hour and a half.



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However, the operation was delayed until 11:30 a.m., and the boy lying on the operating bed was pushed out, filled with tubes, and sent straight to the intensive care unit; The parents recalled that during the operation, several doctors suddenly rushed to the operating room where their son was, but since no one came to explain to them, they did not think much about it until they saw their son again. Didn’t look through and realized something was wrong.

The boy was immediately transferred to another department for rescue. The parents asked the doctor for details. The doctor replied that he was only responsible for saving the boy’s condition at the time and was not sure what had happened in the operating room.

The boy’s mother said that the son had not yet passed through a dangerous period, and that his brain was still working to sustain his life, but that new problems could arise in the brain at any time, and he had recently suffered from cerebral edema. is suffering from. being watched closely.

The boy’s parents are from Chang’al, Fujian, and shortly after his birth he was sent back to his hometown to be looked after by his grandparents. He had returned to New York only last year. The mother said that as per the records of the family doctor, the child is generally healthy and does not have any underlying disease.

After the accident, the doctors did not provide any explanation. He questioned the hospital whether this was a medical malpractice or a misdiagnosis, but the nurse in charge of the anesthesia scolded him, saying he could not make a mistake by injecting at the proper dosage; After the boy’s accident, the Gao Junbin couple are constantly adjusting to their feelings and try not to let themselves break up. Now they can only wait next to their son, hoping for a miracle.

Chen Shanzhuang said he consulted professionals and speculated that it was an overdose of anesthesia, or the child’s reaction to anesthesia due to cardiac arrest, hypoxia and brain death. He said that now the hospital refuses to disclose the details, and it is difficult to investigate whether it is a medical accident, but it is very sad to see such a tragedy for a child raised by such hard-working parents. . “In fact, children always go through a tooth replacement phase. If they need surgery, they should consult a doctor.”

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