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Chinese people went to bars in San Francisco to watch the Super Bowl or watched the live broadcast at home

Super BowlIt ended on the evening of the 11th.This football match is due tosan franciscoGulf regionThe 49ers team’s participation has become the center of heated discussion in the Bay Area. Chinese people in the Bay Area watch games and support the team in various ways. Some people go to a bar where there are over 100 people to watch the game, or at home with family and friends. Watch live football games together.

Facebook “Miss Elle’s Play Diary” fan group leader Liao Jiayi (Cherry) and her family are die-hard 49ers fans, and her husband, Jeff Wang, has been watching the team’s games since childhood. Because he was extremely cautious about this Super Bowl matchup, Wang Jeff didn’t want to be disturbed while watching the game, so he decided to watch the game live at home without inviting any family or friends, so that he could follow the entire game. Can concentrate. ,

At the end of the game, they lost to the Chiefs in overtime. The whole family could not hide their disappointment. Jeff Wang even had to go for a 20-minute walk to lift his mood. And his thoughtful daughter Ellie made a card to cheer on the 49ers and gave it to her dad. The card contained words to encourage the 49ers and encourage them next time, showing her thoughtful side.

Jeff Wang said he was overjoyed when he saw the encouraging cards made by his daughter. It was a great game, although it was disappointing to lose in the final playoff. The last time the 49ers won the Super Bowl was when he was 10 years old. He really hopes to see the 49ers win the Super Bowl again, but for him, experiencing the moment of watching the game with his daughter Allie is the most important thing to him. A great and enjoyable process.

Ms. Shi, who lives in the South Bay, went to a bar in downtown San Francisco to find a seat to watch the evening football game at noon on the 11th. He said that the main reason for going to a bar to watch a game was to feel the atmosphere of a crowd watching a game. The 49ers are a team from San Francisco. Everyone at the bar unanimously supports the 49ers. They are very busy watching the game and hoping that the team they support can win the game.

On the streets of San Francisco, vendors can be seen everywhere selling 49ers souvenirs. The whole city is filled with the atmosphere of the team’s victory in the Super Bowl. The Golden Gate Tap Room bar where Miss Smith went was packed with people on the night of Super Bowl 11. Over 500 fans watched the game in the bar, and the enthusiastic cheering and support was deafening. When Taylor Swift, whose boyfriend is a Chiefs player, appeared on the broadcast screen, even there was laughter.

Liao Jiayi’s family wore 49ers support clothing last Christmas to show their enthusiasm for the team. (provided by interviewee)

On Super Bowl night, San Francisco bars were packed with fans supporting the 49ers.  (provided by interviewee)
On Super Bowl night, San Francisco bars were packed with fans supporting the 49ers. (provided by interviewee)

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