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Chinese scientists accused of winning remdesivir develop new crown drug patent

The new drug for the treatment of new crown discovered by Chinese scientists was authorized by the National Invention Patent of China on the 10th. (taken from Science and Technology Daily)

A new drug for the treatment of a new crown discovered by Chinese scientists was granted a national invention patent on the 10th. The patent specification shows that 10uM (micromole/liter) of fenugreek can inhibit the replication of the coronavirus by up to 15,393 times, and that even very small amounts can effectively prevent the spread and spread of the virus. could.

The Financial Associated Press reported that the patent inventor,BeijingProfessor Tong Yigang, Dean of the University of Chemical Technology’s School of Life Science and Technology, said that 10μM fenugreek can inhibit the replication of the coronavirus 15,393 times, meaning that when 10μM fenugreek is used, the virus count will only One, “that is, it is said that very small amounts of fenugreek can inhibit the spread and spread of the new coronavirus.” From current research data, the drug’s ability to inhibit the new coronavirus is the highest among all new coronavirus inhibitors. discovered by humans.

hong kong01 reported that American scholars published an article in the academic journal “Science” stating that the data on fenugreek ferns are better than those of remdesivir and paloviride, which have been approved for marketing.

Science and Technology Daily reported that since January 2020, Tong Yigang’s team has used a unique drug screening platform to screen thousands of drugs. Tong Yigang said that the high activity data of fenugreek against the new coronavirus can be compared.

According to the patent specification, after testing three selected anti-new coronavirus effective compounds, Seraphine, Ceramectin and Mefloquine Hydrochloride, it was found that after 72 hours of cell infection, 10 μM of Seraphine, Ceramectin and Mefloquine Hydrochloride were found in the virus. Replication was interrupted 15,393 times, 5,053 times and 31 times, respectively, and the experimental results were all repeatable.

In the experiment, it was found that low concentrations of fenugreek still have a good inhibitory effect on the new coronavirus.

It is reported that currently, a Canadian pharmaceutical company has approached the US FDA to conduct a clinical trial study on the treatment of new coronary pneumonia with fenugreek, and the clinical trial is in the second half of this year. Officially expected to start.

Tong Yigang said that China was the first to discover fenugreek’s effect against new crowns, and the research was also supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Beijing.Ministry of EducationWith the support of many other projects, I look forward to conducting clinical trial research as soon as possible so that scientific and technological achievements can be implemented and used practically in the fight against epidemics.

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