Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Chow Yun-Fat “Naked” $700 Million in Fortune Just Because He Met Her

Master Jingkong died on July 26 at the age of 96, and it is now reported that the Hong Kong Starchow eun fatoI have met Master Jingkong, so I decided to donate all my wealth to 5.6 billion Hong Kong dollars (about 700 million US dollars).

According to Hong Kong media reports, in 2000, Master King Kong was invitedHong KongChow Yun-fat also visited at that time. Later, in 2018, Chow Yun-fat announced that he would donate all of his wealth worth 5.6 billion Hong Kong dollars.

AndSouth KoreaThe program “fact-finding team” once visited Chow Eun-fat and asked about donating all his wealth. Chow Yun-fat smiled and said that the property cannot be owned forever, and cannot be taken over after death and can only be left to others, so donating it to groups to help others. It is better to do

Master Jingkong has been preaching religion on TV for many years, specializing in the Pure Land, and is deeply loved by believers. (courtesy from facebook)


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