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Cinnamon is the key to the success of Democrats’ climate bill this week

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DemocratsSenator from Centrist Key, West VirginiamunchkinAfter Joe Manchin expressed his support for whether the $369 billion climate change, health care and tax reform bill could be passed this week, Senator Kirsten Cinema of Arizona, who is also a centrist, has garnered a lot of attention. . CNN reported and analyzed that with only three months before the midterm election, the package bill, if successfully enacted, would leave President Biden with a significant political record and prove that the Democratic Party has no power in Washington. have the ability to rule.


After a long conversation,managing committeeMajority leaders Chuck Schumer and Joe Manchin announced a deal last week, giving the Democratic camp a glimmer of hope in the election. Munchkin gave an exclusive interview on July 31 on the Five Sunday TV show, explaining his reasons for supporting the package bill and calling on his colleagues in the Senate to get the bill passed.

The National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) first reported that compared to Manchin’s outspoken statement, Shinerma has so far kept a low profile, even remaining silent about whether he is “reducing inflation”. Act” supports.

Asked by the media on July 31, a spokesman for Shinamar said that Shinamar did not comment on the bill. The spokesman said Shinmar was studying the text of the bill and was awaiting a Senate lawmaker’s statement.

The report said that with both parties holding 50 seats in the Senate, if the Democratic Party loses one vote to Shinamar, it is unknown whether the bill will pass within this week. Schumer’s office previously said it expected the bill to be passed before the August summer break, but the report said the Senate Democratic Caucus had not outright ruled out a delay.

What is the reason for the delay in making the statement by Zinamar? The National Broadcasting Corporation reported that most provisions of the Democratic spending bill would be supported if they were in line with the structure announced by the White House in October 2021, but told the top caucus last year that she does not support “contingent” her in the party. proposed by colleagues. “Interest Interest Loophole” Patching Program.

Cinnamar, who was elected senator in 2018, will face re-election in 2024. Some Democratic groups have already sent Arizona Rep. Ruben Gallego, who will challenge Shinmar in the party primary. Asked by the media a few days ago, Guyage said all Democratic members of Congress should support the current package bill.

Manchin shouted out Shinamar in an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press” program on July 31, saying he hoped she would support the bill.

Manchin said in an exclusive interview on CNN’s “State of the Union” on July 31 that since the deal with Schumer, he had not spoken to Schinmar.


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