Clean Earth uses environmentally friendly raw materials for baby products to set the “green trend”

Zhang Yajuan, founder of Clean Earth. (Reporter G Jiangaru/Photography)

A child picked up a bottle on the beach, brought it to its mother, and in the child’s voice asked, “Mom, is it a shell?” In this sentence, his present feeling can only be described as shock, and therefore, he is committed to creating an atmosphere.EducatedAs the core brand Nature Me, poor awareness of pollution problem improvement and environmental education.

The child’s words made him think deeply, “It turns out that I never thought of educating my children about the difference between pollution and nature. That means our environmental education.” Not enough. Second, it turns out that pollution has already filled our children’s lives. Children’s favorite beaches or parks have garbage everywhere, but no one does anything to replace them.” Zhang Yajuan said.

Zhang Yajuan combines the contacts accumulated in his previous work experience with industry knowledge. Before becoming a mother, she worked in the Green Trade Promotion Office of the Foreign Trade Association, where she got to know several related manufacturers and became one of the biggest supporters of her entrepreneurship. Nature is very enthusiastic, but it is not enough to be the driving force for entrepreneurship, but a child’s words have become the force I want to change, and the brand Nature Me was born.” said Zhang Yajuan.

Nature Me is based on young children,parent-childAs for the parent-child environmental protection brand of the main customer group, it produces products made from environmentally friendly raw materials, and develops product-related parent-child education activities to express the concept of environmental protection, So that users can use naturally and love environmental protection products in daily use. Children should start learning environmental protection from an early age, so that there can be a fundamental improvement in the future environment.

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“If children can learn environmental protection concepts and knowledge, they will impact more people than an adult.” Zhang Yuyuan upholds this concept and extends Nature Me’s business scope to both products and services. Among them, the products are environmentally friendly fiber, the daily necessities of baby and young children are not only 100% made in Taiwan, but also sent for inspection to ensure the safety of users. On the other hand, she links environmental education with life and products. Through her teaching materials, she allows children to learn exactly how the circular economy operates in the curriculum.

Even though Net Earth was founded less than three years ago, Zhang Yajuan’s concept has received much support, including being shortlisted for the Taiwan Golden Award last year and launching a joint product with the Children’s Wellbeing Alliance, And Taipei City has also won. Highlight Enterprise Award for Potential Enterprises, Mainly Nature Me’s raw materials are either natural products or environmentally friendly technology products. The process of manufacturing and remodeling greatly reduces the source of environmental pollution, and the product condition is clear and unique.

However, Zhang Yajuan said that Nature Me also faced a major crisis in the early stages of product launch. Since the awareness of environmental protection was not as high as it is now, when Zhang Yajuan tried his best to design high quality products that are environmentally friendly and suitable for babies and young children, plasticizers in consumer recycled materials Concerned about the safety of. ,

This immediately alerted Zhang Yuyuan that the product marketing strategy of focusing on environmental protection and high quality supplements is likely to be wrong. Therefore, it quickly adjusted the strategy to highlight the excellent quality of products and promote them in an eco-friendly way. security benefits. More time and money is invested in understanding the product process and inspection. Through a careful and clear description of the production and sales process, and the safety inspection is confirmed, consumers’ doubts about safety are finally resolved, and the market is gradually opened up.

When the brand was relatively stable and well-known, Zhang Yijuan had the opportunity to make quotations for OEMs. However, in the quotation stage, because of the excellent materials and solid workmanship, they often lacked price competitiveness, so many OEM opportunities were missed. “At the beginning, it was difficult to talk about OEM. All my products are made in Taiwan, and I pay attention to environmental protection. To be honest, there is no price advantage.” Zhang Yajuan said.

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However, he is not disappointed. It turned these rejected experiences into a nutritive one to start a business, re-adjusted its strategy, changed its custom-made quotation strategy from raw materials to customized according to the client’s budget, and designed more affordable products. , and reduced the time-consuming laborious negotiation process of exchanges, while ensuring the quality of MIT’s entire process, and the collaboration model that provided ultimate co-marketing, ultimately winning a foundry opportunity from a customer who was rejected Was.

Zhang Yajuan said that Nature Me aims to become the leading brand of parent-child environmental protection education in Taiwan, and accumulate social impact for the development of environmental awareness and industry development in Taiwan. At the same time, try to create the most complete green supply chain system, including buying, manufacturing, selling and recycling, to deeply link environmental education and green living, and add some marketing strategies that help consumers interact with consumers more. To create an engaging and enriching experience.

They believe that Nature Me’s brand strategy to promote products with environmental education activities will have a great impact on consumers and the next generation, and have a positive impact on relevant upstream and downstream. As long as the changes are made, the environment will definitely be better for the next generation.

Although Clean Earth founder and CEO Zhang Yajuan created the Nature Me brand with her children as the driving force, a mother of young children, and she struggled in the early days of her business, she once found it difficult. I was in the situation after experiencing the reality of burnout at home and at work. She told herself, “The things that belong to kids and make them better are my favorite things.” As a result, she no longer feels pressure and burden. Instead, she enjoys “the process of applying the life experience of parents to their careers.”

Zhang Yuyuan’s love and enthusiasm for nature is a bedside story that her children have been listening to since childhood, but when the child stood on the beach full of garbage and picked up the filthy and deformed bottle, she thought it was a shell. Yes, he let her go. Shocked to see that children are surrounded by pollution, and even the children are unable to differentiate between nature and waste, and she is determined to make a difference, which is the driving force for her entrepreneurship. also became.

In recent years, Zhang Yajuan has been able to maintain her enthusiasm for her career under burning both ends of the candle, mainly from the affirmations of consumers. She shared, “After one incident, a mother sent us a private message saying the child would stop trashing, and a young male customer bought ten gifts a year.” All these made him feel very hot. And to his unexpected surprise, there was another time when his child was playing in the park and noticed that recyclable garbage was being used to play with other children, he went to tell the other party, “This is again.” Is disposable and can’t be thrown around Make it into a towel.”

Zhang Yajuan graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology with a master’s degree in Interpretation and Translation. They currently have a five year old son. She worked in the Green Trade Promotion Office of the Foreign Trade Association. He has a total experience of 15 years in Brand Marketing and Public Relations. Currently, he is primarily responsible for marketing and business at the company. Access and product development, cross-industry cooperation.

Net Earth co-founder Chen Yingnan has a ten-year-old son and a seven-year-old daughter. He has a total of 15 years of customer service experience. He primarily controls the company’s financial flows, warehousing, quality control and other administrative functions, while maintaining existing customer relationships. , Main Mother is good at maintaining communication with customers.

Zhang Yuanyuan said that the company currently has only two full-time employees and two part-time employees.employmentWomen are recruited. We look forward to collaborating with upstream manufacturers to develop eco-friendly raw materials and designs, with the insight that Mom Corps is good, and create a better living environment for children through a green supply chain.

Zhang Yajuan also hopes to take care of the employment needs of mothers and the source of income for elders, while raising awareness of the local economy and social environmental protection. Hence, she not only seeks OEM for elders, but also recruits mother partners, and provides a flexible and friendly work environment.

Clean Earth Products.  (Reporter G Jiangaru/Photography)
Clean Earth Products. (Reporter G Jiangaru/Photography)

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