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Just a week ago, we were discussing iRobot’s smart home ambitions in connection with its collaboration with Amazon. iRobot has gradually unveiled its plans over the past few years with the aim of unlocking the potential of Roomba as a missing link in smart homes.

And on November 18, the company took a slightly surprising next step, acquiring Switzerland’s Aeris Cleantec AG, known for its HEPA air purifiers. About 20 years after the announcement of the first robot vacuum, the acquisition is in line with the company’s core focus on home cleaning.

CEO Colin Angle said in the release: “The acquisition of Aeris announced today is an important step in iRobot’s strategy, expanding the overall marketable market and diversifying our product portfolio to make our homes cleaner and healthier for consumers. It offers a new way to stay on top of Aeris’ products’ growth potential, especially as pandemics increase consumer awareness of the value of maintaining a cleaner and healthier home. We also look forward to leveraging our Genius Home Intelligence platform and the existing ecosystem of home robots to bring the iRobot experience to our air purifiers. “

As I said last week, it’s worth noting that most of iRobot’s non-Rumba successful lines are derived from acquisitions, including the acquisition of Braava in 2012 and Root in 2019. That’s the point to do.

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There is no doubt that air purifiers have become a very important topic in the last two years due to the influence of the pandemic. But even before that, the category was booming with the advent of connected home filters and the like. Aeris’ flagship products, Lite and 3-in-1 Pro, are equipped with smartphone apps for monitoring device status and controlling multiple connected devices.

In the last part, you can get a glimpse of iRobot’s big plans. Without its own smart speaker, iRobot is undoubtedly looking for some kind of smart home device that acts as a connected beacon. It’s expensive, but it could be like an air purifier. In the future, Roomba’s docking station may incorporate Aeris purification technology.

According to iRobot, the deal has already closed and the company has paid Aeris $ 72 million in cash. “In addition to this initial cash consideration, the transaction includes a modest performance-based earn-out clause if Aeris achieves certain goals in 2022,” he said.

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(Sentence: Brian Heater, Translation: Aya Nakazato)


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