Close Series I, PSIM vs Persijap Share Numbers

SportsClose Series I, PSIM vs Persijap Share Numbers

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SOLOPSIM Yogyakarta close the first series League 2 2021/2022 with a draw against Persijap Jepara. Competing at the Manahan Stadium, Solo, Monday (25/10/2021) night WIB, the match ended 2-2.

In fact, both teams appeared quite fierce until the second half ended. PSIM was unable to maintain the score until the end of the match. As a result, the match ended 2-2 with two goals scored by each player Ahmad Ihwan (PSIM) and Ricki Ariansyah (Persijap).

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The course of the first round match, Persijap appeared to dominate since the first half whistle sounded. In the eighth minute they got their first chance through Busari. However, his hard kick was still blocked by the PSIM defender.

Four minutes later, Busari again threatened the PSIM goal. However, the ball still hit the PSIM defender. Appearing to press Persijap got another dangerous opportunity from the brand’s striker, Iqmal Nur Samsu. However, his shot was wide of the PSIM goal.

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However, having to be pressed by Persijap, PSIM was able to take the lead through their first chance through a goal scored by Ahmad Ihwan in the 30th minute. Through the individual action of Benny Wahyudi, he sent a mature pass to Ahmad Ihawan which was projected to become a goal.

Win first PSIM back to play an effective defensive game. Meanwhile, Persijap still hasn’t stopped pressing the heart of PSIM’s defense.

Towards the end of the second half, PSIM was still able to maintain their position. They closed the first half with the score 1-0.

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