Colfuturo will present the results of a program that benefits students who are pursuing master’s and doctoral degrees abroad

U.S.A.Colfuturo will present the results of a program that...

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On November 25, Colfuturo will hold a discussion to present the results Impact Assessment Study of Credit Scholarship Program (PCB), jointly organized by the Universidad de los Andes and the Centro Nacional de Consultoría.

This program is an initiative of funding for students or professionals with academic excellence who wish to expand their professional careers with master’s or doctoral studies at the world‘s highest level universities. Since the time this program has been running, they have almost benefited from it. 13,000 Colombian students who went to the said institution.

Scholarship Credit Program (PCB) that Colfuturo develops in collaboration with Minciencias, encouraging the return of ready-made talent abroad to work in sectors, academia and the public sector, in addition to the support of private companies. It is noteworthy that Beneficiaries can avail up to 80% scholarship on their loan, subject to fulfillment of established requirements,

It is important that between The benefits of this program are different elements such as access to over 100 agreements that Colfuturo has made with high-end universities abroad, Facilitating co-financing for applicants and return on entry into the labor market, given the network of beneficiaries interested in attracting highly trained talent to their work processes.

Regarding funding, the Scholarship Loan Program (PCB) is one of the ones with the largest loan capacity, allowing a maximum amount of up to USD 50,000 to cover the financial and maintenance costs of Colombian students abroad.

The study conducted by the Universidad de los Andes and the Centro Nacional de Consultoría will be presented by Catherine Rodriguez, researcher at the Faculty of Economics of the Universidad de los Andes, will be next to him ximena cadden, Deputy Director of Fedesarrollo And Alexandra de Gendre, associate researcher from the University of Sydney, Australia, who will comment on the results of this programme, One of Colfuturo’s strongholds for supporting academic excellence,

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such as agreements made with University of Waikato of New Zealand, one of five signed by Colfuturo with institutions in this Pacific country, or with a high degree of competitiveness offered by the PCBe 1,470 professionals who are assessed by a committee composed of five experts in a specific field, are factors that have characterized this commitment to high-quality education in Colombia.

It should be noted that since 1991 Colfuturo has implemented a sophisticated qualification and assessment system for postgraduate programs offered by candidates based on a single criterion of pursuit of academic excellence. This factor makes up the entity that maintains leadership in the country in terms of inter-institutional relations with the highest level universities in the world.

In the above equilibrium, it will be known that what is the effect of PCB Impact on the economy, in the development of the country and on the professional development of students who have gone on to pursue higher studies abroad through Colfuturo.

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