Collaborate with Chow Eun-fat and Zhong Chuhong again? “Autumn Fairy Tale” Director Says Yes

Chow Yun-fat (left) and Zhong Chuhong (right) who starred in the romantic classic “Fairy Tale of Autumn” will celebrate their 35th anniversary.Picture / A. provided on

Hong Kong Starchow eun fatoStarring in Zhong Chuhong Classic LoveMovies“Autumn Fairy Tale” 4K Restoration Edition will be released soon,directorZhang Wanting and screenwriter Luo Kirui and his wife accepted a cross-sea joint interview with Taiwanese media on the 12th. The film brought the careers of Chow Yun-fat and Zhong Chuhong to a higher level. Looking forward to collaborating again after many years? Zhang Wanting laughed that they are “hiding people out” now, but if there is a suitable script, they will certainly find them, “I haven’t thought about it yet.”

Zhang Wanting admired Chou Yun-fat for his consistent personality and full of affinity. “He still drives himself without a driver. Everyone calls him ‘Fa boy’, and he even opens the window to say hello to everyone… No celebrity air at all”, added Chow Yun -Fat was originally a box office poison, and the film party was supposed to also feature Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung or Xu Guanwen, but they were all rejected by Zhang Wanting and Luo Kirui, “Chou Yun-fat is the only person in the Hong Kong film industry who can be kind of a wicked and romantic at the same time.”

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On the eve of filming, Chow Yun-fat became a first-line superstar thanks to his performance of “The True Color of Heroes”. Film appointments continued, and many of them featured films invested by the underworld. Originally, Luo Kirui was worried that Chow Yun-fat would not be able to make the film. two knives”, but the director would cry if he didn’t go to New York to make the film. He was most afraid of girls crying, so Luo Kirui praised Chow Yun-fat as a real person.

Zhong Chuhong first became popular in the film industry with her sexy image, but when Zhang Wanting met and discussed her, she was first attracted by her beauty, and then by her personality as soft on the outside and tough on the inside. Appreciated in form, which was very suitable for this stubborn student studying alone in New York. Zhang Wanting also mentioned the cooperation between the two Chinese stars. Because Hong Kong is an investment in the underworld, he asked local friends to help watch the scene and not delay progress. Zhang Wanting, who had been studying in New York for many years, laughed and said that she had known these local Chinese gangsters for a long time, “Chinatown is too small, there are few roads, flying dragons, ghosts, the two gangs know each other.” Huh.”

But because there are so many people talking, sometimes local gangsters are watching filming, and they often get involved in the drama. When she calls Ng to come again, these gangsters will shout “It’s okay”, “This is not the Oscar movie”, and Zhang Wanting Will. All are very nice people, and they’ve become extras, too.” Now the two feel that 35 years have passed, and New York has long been apart. “But the luckiest thing is that we can always keep that memory in light and Can keep in the shadows.” They also stated that they would not consider making a sequel. After speaking, they strongly insisted on the ending of this “restaurant reunion”, and felt it was perfect. Zhang Wanting also laughed and laughed. Said that she had previously mentioned that the Head of the Boat and the Thirteen Sisters should not be together at the end, which disappointed many fans outright, so she no longer insists, “Let these spectators decide whether they should be together.” are or not. Although the film director made it that way, all explanations must be decided by the audience themselves.” The 35th anniversary 4K digital restoration of “A Fairy Tale of Autumn” will be released in Taiwan on May 20.

When Chow Yun-fat (left) and Zhong Chuhong (right)
When Chow Yun-fat (left) and Zhong Chuhong (right) filmed “Fairy Tale of Autumn,” several gangsters were watching the scene, but there was no trouble.Picture / A . provided on

Chow Eun-fat was a poison at the box office of Hong Kong films at the time.  The film party wanted to find Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung or Xu Guanwen to perform, but director Zhang Wanting insisted...
Chow Eun-fat was a poison at the box office of Hong Kong films at the time. The film party wanted to find Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung or Xu Guanwen for the performance, but director Zhang Wanting insisted that only Chow Yun-fat be found.Picture / A . provided on

Director Zhang Wanting (from left), screenwriters Luo Kirui, Zhong Chuhong and Chow Eun-fat in New York
Director Zhang Wanting (from left), screenwriters Luo Kirui, Zhong Chuhong and Chow Eun-fat filmed “Autumn Fairy Tale” in New York, which holds many fond memories. Image / A . provided on

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