Collaboration with Gresini Racing Team, Federal Oil Brings Indonesia to the 2022 MotoGP Stage

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JAKARTA – Indonesia should be proud because Federal Oil in collaboration with Gresini Racing officially upgrades to MotoGP next year. That is, one of these national products can bring pride to motorcycle racing fans in the country when they pave the way at the Mandalika Circuit.

Next year, Federal Oil will officially become the sponsor of the Gresini Racing team in MotoGP. Federal Oil is also listed as the first Indonesian sponsor in this most prestigious class. This new partnership in the MotoGP class is certainly a euphoria in itself because Indonesia is the largest base of MotoGP fans in the world, and also coincides with the start of the operation of the Mandalika Circuit which marks Indonesia as a country that will receive international attention.

This is a challenge for Federal Oil to prove that consistency makes Proud Indonesia continue to be a partnership in 2022.

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“After more than a decade of partnership with Gresini Racing, it seems that it is not difficult to decide to continue this family in the form of this commitment to a higher level, namely MotoGP. Good relations have existed since the beginning when the late Fausto Gresini is still with us even today. This is through Nadia and Carlo,” said Patrick in a press statement, Saturday (20/11/2021).

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“We hope that this good partnership will continue in the years to come and of course it must be able to provide benefits for both parties, especially since Indonesia has a fan base that is quite fanatical in MotoGP and next year will be even more special with the presence of the Mandalika Circuit. Therefore, we believe that Federal Oil, as a brand that has been present in Indonesia for more than 33 years, together with Gresini Racing in the MotoGP class can make Indonesia even more proud,” added Patrick.

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Meanwhile, Carlo Merlini as Commercial and marketing director of Gresini Racing welcomed this collaboration positively. He said that Indonesia is the largest country that really idolizes the most prestigious motorcycle racing in the world.

“For us, Indonesia has become our main overseas market, where we have developed very important partnerships. The opportunity to step up to the Gresini MotoGP platform was taken first and foremost by Federal Oil, when the main sponsor Moto2 Gresini decided to move its commitment to MotoGP with become the first Indonesian sponsor in the most prestigious class!” said Merlini.

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