Colleges and Universities “Ishara Dance” Enrollment, Ranking Promotion, Attendance Competition of Female Students

There is a marketing account that integrates all the gesture dance girls’ videos and adds a score to each girl’s appearance. (Phoenix Network)

In previous years, Chinese colleges and universities would put pictures of female students on the homepages of their official websites to promote their studies, attracting students to enroll with elements such as youth and vitality. This year, the school’s promotion has shifted to “gesture dance”, which has become a hot topic. However, the promotional video has gradually turned into a shura arena where female students compete in terms of appearance, and it has become the scene of a beauty pageant. Viewers scored points in the comment field, and the only qualifying criteria is whether the girls look cute, whether they have a sweet smile, and whether their bodies are good enough.”

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hong kong01 reported that after a marketing account integrated all of the girls’ videos with gesture dancing, a “national” gesture dance competition was held to add points to each girl’s appearance, and even the film Added “no comparison, no harm” to. equivalent words. However, the girl who made a film to promote the school was inexplicably involved in the ranking battle and was criticized by a lot of netizens.

The report pointed out that in the face of a large number of harsh comments on the Internet, many schools not only failed to protect their students, but instead contributed to the fire by organizing gesture dance competitions and attendance competitions.

Major colleges and universities on the Douin platformAdmissionThe promotional video is almost identical. A female student dances to the same background music, and even the movements are exactly the same. There are also professional disciplines and even special uniform versions, includingpoliceFlight attendants, nurses, etc.

In fact, last year’s admissions promotion at Nanjing University sparked heated discussions. In the school’s entrance promotional photo, each student preached “Do you want me to be my youth?”, “Do you want to soak in the Duxia library with me from morning till night?” card.

Some netizens believe that the words “bubble” and “be your youth” on the propaganda board are inappropriate, and the above two propaganda slogans are both organized by female students on suspicion of “objectifying women”. raise questions. In the end, Nanjing University removed the relevant pictures and texts.

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