Colombia exceeds world average for vaccination against COVID-19

U.S.A.Colombia exceeds world average for vaccination against COVID-19

reference image. Vaccination against COVID-19 in Colombia. Colpressa – Mariano Vimoso

according to the data of our world in data, Colombia is one of the countries that above world average vaccination against people COVID-19, The report states that 53,4% At least one dose of the population on Earth has received biologics against the virus.

The Health Ministry cut its final report on 21 November at 11:59 pm, that they have been implemented in the country 54,179,166 doses, Its, 29.613.437 corresponding to the first dose; 19.065.382 on the second dose; And 4.657.240 one dose. registered in total 23,722,622 Completed Plans According to the National Immunization Plan.

Photo: Ministry of Health
Photo: Ministry of Health

The database showed that the vaccination rate in Colombia is 68,21%, according to the data reported as of November 20, and as such, it is located as Above average ever created in the world, Thus, the panorama of the total population, 46.16% you already have your complete vaccination program against coronavirus,

At the Latin American level, the country is ninth place, best, for example, Protector And Peru, whose vaccination percentage 68% And 65% respectively. In the case of a Central American country, it appears one notch below (10º) from having Fewer people with full plans.

The countries that are at the top of the ladder are Cuba (89%), Chile (87%) and Uruguay, with a vaccination rate above 79%, Whereas, on the other side, the last in the list, and those who are in turn below the world prize, are Venezuela (48%), Paraguay (45%) and Bolivia (40%). In such cases, less than 36% People have complete plans.

Finally, it should be noted that South America It is the first continent in the world in terms of vaccination rate as it appears with 72%. second is North America (63%), and closing the podium, Europe with 62%. Furthermore, it should be noted that, as stated our world in data, More than 41% of the world‘s population has completed their vaccination process.

Vaccination against COVID-19 by continents.  Photo via 'Our world in data' - November 22, 2021
Vaccination against COVID-19 by continents. Photo via ‘Our world in data’ – November 22, 2021

Complete vaccination card, mandatory for public sites:

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remember that President, Ivan Duques It was confirmed on the afternoon of this 19 November that by decision of the national government, all establishments that already require vaccination cards to allow entry of customers should start checking that they have Complete vaccination schedule by 1st December.

The announcement has been made amid the will of Colombian authorities Achieve the target of fully immunizing 70% of the country’s population by 31st December This year and that, judging by the current figures, will be doubtful of completion.

stock photography.  Vaccination cards against COVID-19 will be required for mass events from November 16.  Photo: Colprensa
stock photography. Vaccination cards against COVID-19 will be required for mass events from November 16. Photo: Colprensa

It is to be noted that the mandatory nature of the card containing the entire scheme is presented as a golden opportunity for the authorities, who have recognized the increase in the number of people who have been vaccinated since the past. November 16, when various public places began, by order of Decree 1408 of 2021, to demand document.

However, the remedy has reported damage in several Commercial establishments such as bars and gastrobars, For example, last weekend, with the rule in force for the first time, the outlook for these sectors was not encouraging. NS Bars Association of Colombia (Asobares), which brings together the owners of these places, indicated that, between the nights of 18 and 20 November, members of the union reported 40% fewer viewers, resulting in a 35% drop in sales,

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