Colombia formally receives from the US extradition request for “Otoniel”, captured by the leader of the Gulf clan

U.S.A.Colombia formally receives from the US extradition request for...

BOGOTÁ, Nov 25 (Reuters) – Colombia has formally received a request from the United States for the extradition of accused drug smuggler and top Gulf Clan leader, Dero Antonio Usuga, aka “Otonial”, and the process The motion hopes to deliver it as soon as possible, President Ivan Duque announced on Thursday.

Otoniel, 50, was captured by Colombian armed forces in late October during an operation in the Department of Antioquia, in a rural area of ​​the Urba region, involving more than 500 members of special forces and 22 helicopters. Seven years of search is over.

“The National Government has already formally received a request for the extradition of the surname ‘Otonial’ by the United States of America of North America. Administrative procedures have already been carried out in the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and yesterday this request was made by the Supreme Court.” Available to the Court of Justice,” the Duke said.

The President assured that, respecting the independence of the powers, but protected by harmonious cooperation between them, he spoke to the President of the Supreme Court of Justice, Magistrate Luis Antonio Hernández, “to give the process full impetus and it can proceed With the extradition of this dreaded criminal.”

According to officials in the South American country, Otoniel smuggled between 180 tons and 200 tons of cocaine a year along the Clan del Golfo, and is responsible for the deaths of more than 200 members of Colombian security forces.

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Additionally, the duke announced that the Supreme Court of Justice approved the extradition of Antonio Moreno Tuberquia, aka “Nicolas”, the second head of the Clan del Golfo, who has been accused of drug trafficking, illegal mining, and illegal mining. An organization made up of over 1,200 fighters dedicated to the Killing social leaders and creating violence in different areas of the country.

Referring to Otoniel’s formal extradition request and the right to hand over Tuberquia to the United States, the president said, “They are a true blow to drug trafficking and the demonstration that no one is above the law.”

Despite decades of fighting drug trafficking, Colombia remains one of the world‘s leading cocaine producers and is facing pressure from the United States to reduce coca leaf cultivation and drug production , which finances illegal armed groups. dead.

Duke revealed that the armed forces have seized 595 tonnes of cocaine so far in 2021, surpassing last year’s record 505 tonnes.

According to security sources, after former FARC guerrilla dissidents rejected a peace deal signed in 2016, the National Liberation Army (ELN) and criminal gangs, such as the Clan del Golfo and Los Pelusos, are involved in drug trafficking. (Reporting by Luis Jaime Acosta, Edited by Nelson Boccanegra)

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