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Concerned about political risks, Hong Kong trades union cancels education fund and suspends operations

hong kongFollowing the arrest of five trustees of the “612 Humanitarian Aid Fund”, pro-China and Hong Kong media dubbed “trade unions of trade unions” for violating national security law.EducatedFund”, held a special general meeting today to cancel the company’s registration, and is now in the process of suspending the company’s business operations.

According to Hong Kong-based online media “Independent Media”, former trade union president Zheng Qingfa explicitly stated that he made the decision to minimize “political risk” to others. He said the Education Fund used to be responsible for this. WasLabourand occupational safety publicity and education, but accused of breaking the law and embarked on the path of suspension, I feel helpless.

The Hong Kong Trade Union Union, which is affiliated with the All-democratic bloc, was dissolved on October 3, 2021 as it lost to political pressure from the National Security Act; Many important figures in the coalition were arrested and imprisoned.

In 2002, CTU established the “CTU Education Fund”. According to its official website, the goal is to help workers improve their conditions through education and training. The fund’s work includes providing various training courses for grassroots and unemployed workers, so that workers can get opportunities for development. The fund also raises workers’ awareness of labor laws and occupational safety through education and promotion.

The report quoted Zheng Qingfa as saying that the training center stopped accepting students in October last year under the Education Fund. In today’s special general meeting, the members paid more attention to the assessment of the current political situation. To reduce the political risk that others bear, he passed the decision.

He said the education fund money was used for training courses and the salaries of tutors, but he was repeatedly named by left-wing newspapers for violating the national security law.

The official website of “Trade Union Education Fund” is currently closed and cannot be accessed.

Hong Kong’s Ta Kung Pao and Wen Wei Po have published several times before that the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) has allocated funds for 20 years to the Federation of Trade Unions. In 2020, the US International Labor Solidarity Center under the NED received a grant of HK$2.723 million to help Hong Kong partners establish new unions.

According to the financial statements of the Trade Union Education Fund that year, total revenue increased by about 12 million yuan. The report questioned the trade union’s alleged collusion with foreign forces and said that law enforcement agencies were conducting extensive investigations towards endangering national security.

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