Saturday, August 13, 2022

Concerned over Tiktok’s close ties with China, British Parliament closes official account

UKsome members of CongressTIC TocAfter Chinese parent company ByteDance expressed concerns, the British Parliament announced on the 3rd that it would be shutting down its official TikTok account.

A spokesman for the British Parliament said: “Based on the advice of MPs, we will prematurely close the TikTok test account in the British Parliament.”

He added: “This account is a test, and Congress publishes content through this platform and sees how effective it is to reach the youth.” But the account is currently closed.

Lawmakers opposed to the creation of TikTok accounts in Congress were punished last March for publicly accusing China of human rights abuses.BeijingSanctions.

Approved former Conservative leader Ian Duncan Smith backed the parliamentary decision, saying: “We need to start telling people not to use TikTok.”

The Guardian reported that TikTok expressed its disappointment over the British Parliament’s decision to close its account. “We reiterate that TikTok wants to reassure dubious lawmakers and is ready to correct the misrepresentation related to the platform,” the spokesperson said.


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