Concussion Boxer Concussion Dies After Brutal Fight

SportsConcussion Boxer Concussion Dies After Brutal Fight

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The boxer concussed as a result of his hardness brutal duel in the boxing ring which triggers the risk of serious injury to death. A boxer’s concussion occurs when a strong boom hits the brain causing it to vibrate against the protective skull, causing trauma.

The brain then hits the skull wall, bruises the brain, then bounces back, damaging brain cells, which can cause paralysis to the point of boxer died . There have been many cases of concussion boxers being beaten by their enemies until they were seriously injured and died. The following boxer concussion after being beaten by his enemy in a brutal fight in the ring.

1. Mike Tyson vs Andrew Golota
Fight Mike Tyson vs Andrew Golota was held at The Palace, Michigan, United States, in October 2000. The duel was remembered by boxing lovers as the most bizarre and controversial fight. A deadly bogeman Mike Tyson in the first round made Golota fall. But he managed to get up and get through it.

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Andrew Golota suddenly asked his coach at the time, Al Certo, to stop the fight against Mike Tyson. Andrew Golata suffered a concussion, fractured left cheekbone and a hernia as a result of the bizarre fight.

2. Anton Winogradow vs Rashed Al-Swaisat
The 19-year-old boxer Rashed Al-Swaisat died after 10 days of treatment for a concussion in the fight against Anton Winogradow on April 16, 2021. After collapsing in the third round, on April 16 he had to be rushed to the hospital, where he had to be operated on immediately.

Unfortunately, Al-Swaisat’s life was not saved. The Jordan-born fighter reportedly faced Estonia’s Anton Winogradow at the International Boxing Association (AIBA) youth world championship in Poland.

3.Maxim Dadashevvs Subriel Mattias
Russian boxer Maxim Dadashev died of a concussion after losing by TKO in the 11th round against Subriel Mattias of Puerto Rico in Oxon Hill, Maryland, United States on July 19, 2019.

4. Hugo Alfredo Santilan vs Eduardo Javier Abreau
Hugo Santilan died after suffering a concussion against Eduardo Javier Abreau which ended in a draw in Buenos Aires, Argentina, July 20, 2019.

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