Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Contribution of Pablo Perez, the only thing that can be saved

Frank Herrera: 4, a poor start at their feet gave Atletico the chance to score in the first half. It is still unsecured and offers no guarantees. In terms of goals, while the shot was good, he could have reacted better as the ball wasn’t too wide.

Armando Mendes: 4, although it was fired several times, it failed to strike with its force. On defense, it offers some advantages. He had a saving cross to cover Carrera’s shot with a curved destination.

Christian Lemma: 5, he had the opportunity to convert with a free-kick, forcing the goalkeeper to react. He is the strongest defender.

Wheeler Corporation: 4, he started strong, but as time went on, especially in making up, he had to deal with opponents’ progress, space and ball control. He was surpassed in the action of the target. It is no longer guaranteed in the background.

Martin Luciano: 3.5, he tried to come off the bench to break his flank in attack and gave the team some solutions at that stage, mostly in the first half. He struggled to get up in defensive work and he lost a lot with the help of Rius. They overwhelmed him multiple times and he lost the goal game.

Pablo Perez: 5, he started well with the ball and as a former midfielder he is crucial under pressure. Then he made some mistakes. Newell needs him to be at his best, and right now he’s not showing it.

Julian Fernandez: 4.5, he was ordered into the team’s best line. When Atletico started handling the ball, it was difficult for them to get up.

John Sforza: 4, wrong dribble. In a role similar to Perez, his game looked low and sometimes lost.

Francis Gonzalez: 4, his will does not match his contribution. It fails to be unequal on both sides.

Juan Manuel Garcia: 4another sport where he struggled to physically impose himself and end the team and provide a way out as a fulcrum.

Deaf Ramiro: 4.5, on the end date showed it was well below where it was at the start of the game. His reaction was naive when the foul was detected and he was shown a red card by the referee, but VAR overturned the decision and he stayed on the field.

logging in

Guillermo Balzi: 4who replaced Perez when he was dismissed for a strong header.

Thomas Jacob: s/che entered Mendes, who was exhausted and reprimanded.

Juan Garro: s/cOne of DT’s bets tried to win it, but minutes into Atlético he converted the first goal and found himself in the red.

Gennaro Rossi: s/che’s still unable to convert in the league, but Garcia’s slump could open up opportunities for him as a starter.

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