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Conversation with Dai Qi about the 21st century business initiative Deng Zhenzhong: We talked about everything that needed to be discussed

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apecThe summit was held this week. Taiwan’s Executive Yuan Political Commissar Deng Zhenzhong said today that the three pillars of Taiwan’s international economic and trade promotion are the New Southbound Policy, the Taiwan-US 21st Century Trade Initiative, and participation in the CPTPP. In the last two days, he had wide-ranging exchanges with the concerned countries, Trade Representativedai qiHe replied that “everything that should be discussed has been discussed.”

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After 4 years, the APEC Annual Meeting resumed its physical event this week in Bangkok, Thailand. The APEC Bilateral Ministerial meeting ended yesterday.TSMCFounder Zhang Zhongmo attended the event as a leader delegate.

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Deng Zhenzong was interviewed by the media at the APEC venue in the evening and said that despite the end of the bilateral ministerial meeting, several ministers stayed with the leaders’ representatives today. The meeting also specially planned a space for ministers from different countries to observe the progress of the leaders’ meeting, so there are many opportunities to continue exchanges with other ministers.

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He laughed and said that perhaps because there is no special preparation for everyone to speak today, it can be felt that the ministers of different countries feel that the burden is lighter and the atmosphere is better.

Deng Zhenzong said that whether it is participating in the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), promoting the New Southbound Policy, and holding trade talks with the United States, “you Many people can meet to discuss.” The above are good opportunities to promote and explain the main axis of Taiwan’s international economic and trade promotion work.

The media asked if there had been a bilateral meeting with Trade Representative Catherine Tai. Deng Zhenzong replied that from yesterday’s meeting to today, everyone is in the same room to watch the leadership meeting, so there are many opportunities, “We have talks in a very good atmosphere, and discussed everything that goes which needs to be discussed.” Whether this is a face-to-face form sitting across the table or not is yet to be confirmed.

Regarding the content of the meeting with Dai Qi, Deng Zhenzong said that the biggest focus now is the Taiwan-US 21st century trade initiative. Since it was announced in June this year, the dialogue between trade representatives, deputy trade representatives and technical working class has been carried out closely, and they are quite satisfied with the current progress. , Both sides confirmed that the work of the negotiations will continue to be promoted, and the ambitions are very high. They expect to complete the work within the stipulated schedule, which means that significant progress will be achieved in the next year.

A knowledgeable official recently revealed that Taiwan and the United States are focusing on four issues, including trade facilitation, small and medium-sized enterprises, anti-corruption, and good regulations. The hosting of next year’s APEC summit remains unchanged.


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