Corinthians beat Independent Santa Fe and became champions of the women’s Copa Libertadores

U.S.A.Corinthians beat Independent Santa Fe and became champions of...

Corinthians Gave a new sample of his immense power and become the champion of the 2021 edition Women’s Libertadores Cup. Brazil’s team left behind 2-0 a free santa fe De Colombia won the title for the third time in its history after being crowned in 2017 and 2019 in the final played at Montevideo’s Gran Parque Central Stadium.

The Lionesses of Bogotá started under high pressure and was close to taking the lead on the scoreboard, but failed to finish and allowed Cortinhien to take the reins of the match. NS Timao He enforced his conditions as follows and managed to establish bases in the area: adriana And Gabby Portilho He scored before the break to make the decree 2-0. Marker in complement no longer moved and directed by bruno elizaho They sealed the victory against the Colombians, who finished as runners-up.

Corinthians won the final against Independiente Santa Fe 2–0 (Reuters/Mariana Greif/) (Mariana Greif/).

The stage of the current version was completed railway, Also from Brazil, who beat on penalties last Thursday Montevideo National in the match for third place after a 1–1 draw in regular time.

this is Third title in history for Corinthians in the women’s Copa Libertadores. The first he achieved in 2017 (in merger with Audax) and the second in 2019 with his current coach. NS Timao, moreover, it reached Why Jose? as the team that was coveted more often in this competition, as well as expanding Hegemony of Brazilian teams, who have won ten of the 13 editions,

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The disappointment of the players of the Colombian team (REUTERS / Andres Cuenca Olaondo)
The disappointment of the players of the Colombian team (REUTERS / Andres Cuenca Olaondo) (ANDRES CUENCA OLAONDO /)

with great people like archers Camellie, captain tamires, Gabby Xanotik And Vic AlbuquerqueThe Corinthians, among others, sealed an unprecedented campaign: He played six games and won all of them, scoring 24 goals and winning only two. Thus, he extended his historical undefeated: he never lost in meetings in the Copa Libertadores as he has appeared in four editions and only lost on penalties (never in the regular 90 minutes).

this was it Second consecutive final between the Brazilian and Colombian teams. In the previous edition, which was held in Argentina in March this year as a result of the pandemic-hit postponement, railway won the deciding match against America from Cali.

For the first time in history, the Copa Libertadores had two locations: Paraguay And Uruguay. Instances from the group stage to the semi-finals were played in Asuncion, while the grand final was in Montevideo’s Great Central Park, a stadium that belongs to the National Club, and There were about 10 thousand people in the stand during the deciding match

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