Corona virus: Corona havoc in the area.. winter is coming.. It has been warned that if people are careless then lakhs of people can die. WHO warns of 700,000 more COVID deaths in Europe by March

HealthCorona virus: Corona havoc in the area.. winter is...

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Corona Virus: Corona epidemic is causing turmoil in European countries. With new cases being reported daily and the death toll rising, the World Health Organization has expressed concern over the situation there. Corona born in China has not been arrested for two years. In some countries it is declining, but in European countries it is taking a new form every day. In the wake of this, it announced an 11 percent increase in cases in Europe last week. The director of WHO Europe, Dr. Hans Luge, has warned that by next spring there could be up to 700,000 Covid deaths in Europe from the coronavirus pandemic. He said development has been going on since mid-October.

It is suggested that immediate action be taken to accelerate the vaccination program in all European countries. He also said that the government should follow the rules of corona control. Everyone should follow the mask and physical distance. It is already revealed that more than 1 billion vaccine doses have been distributed in several European countries.

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The volatility of COVID-19 is most severe in Europe and Central Asia. Not to mention dealing with the cold. So governments, health officials and individuals need to take decisive action to tackle this pandemic, Dr. Kluge said. The WHO said last week that Austria, the Netherlands and Belgium have taken several stringent measures, including partial lockdowns, to control Kovid. The death toll in Germany has crossed the million mark. He said that the ups and downs of Corona will continue in Russia as well.

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