Corona virus: neglect of people.. Corona unrest in Russia.. Heavy cases registered again.. | Russia reports second highest single day COVID 19 death toll

HealthCorona virus: neglect of people.. Corona unrest in Russia.....

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Corona Virus: Russia is battling the crisis of Kovid-19. It decreased like a few days ago.. again daily cases are getting heavy. Apart from this, more than a thousand people die from corona every day. The health department said that COVID-19 recorded the second highest number of daily deaths in the last 24 hours. Russia on Sunday killed 1,252 people with COVID-19, up from a record 1,254 on Saturday. The highest death toll was 74 in St Petersburg, 69 in Krasnodar and 64 in the Russian capital, Moscow. The number of corona victims is increasing day by day. In the last few days, more than 30,000 new cases have been reported continuously. Apart from this, more than one thousand deaths are taking place daily.

Although Russia was the first country in the world to vaccinate against the corona virus. So far only 40 percent of the country’s population has been vaccinated. This means that out of a population of 146 million, only 49 million have been fully vaccinated. Not only this.. People are showing a completely wavering tendency to follow the rules of Corona.. That’s why experts are analyzing that this epidemic is increasing day by day.

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And if the government gives paid holidays to tie the corona.. through some reports it seems that people are using those holidays for dinner and entertainment events. If malls, movie halls, restaurants are full of people.. people there can understand how careless they are about Corona. Medical experts say that the Russian government needs to focus on increasing awareness about the corona virus vaccine in any country. At the same time, people are commenting that they want Russia to see what kind of situation they will have to face if they take Corona carelessly.

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