Coronavirus in Argentina: 5 deaths and 641 confirmed infections in last 24 hours

U.S.A.Coronavirus in Argentina: 5 deaths and 641 confirmed infections...

The Ministry of Health of the country gave this information Monday, November 22 that, in the last 24 hours, 5 deaths and 641 new coronavirus infections recorded, Thus, a total of 5,315,989 positive cases have accumulated in the country since the start of the pandemic, while the deaths stood at 116,382.

On the other end, 14,494 tests were done from yesterday till todayWith a positivity rate of 4.42%. Since the start of the outbreak, 25,918,391 clinical trials have been conducted for the disease. So far 16,786 active positive cases have been registered across the country and there are 5,182,821. found.

4 of the total deaths reported today are men (1 resident of Buenos Aires Province, 2 residents of Jujuy Province and 1 resident of Rio Negro Province) and is 1 female (1 resident of the province of Mendoza).

This morning, the nation‘s health minister, Carla Vizotti, and the chancellor, santiago caffeiro, held a press conference at Eziza airport, where, among other issues, he stated that Argentina will donate more than 1 million doses of AstraZeneca vaccines against COVID-19 to Vietnam and the Republic of Mozambique,

According to officials, these donations were jointly managed between Ministry of Health And this Chancellor, As a result of the proposal Argentina has begun by ensuring the completion of the distribution of vaccines to the entire population and the stock of doses guided by the principles of solidarity and fraternity.

It should be noted that, previously, our country has been the recipient of donations that amounted to more than 7 million vaccines and which allowed expediting the application of doses to immunize most of the population, and now, having the necessary stock of vaccines. Because of this, is in a position to promote equitable and timely access to vaccines designed to generate acquired immunity against COVID-19.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Santiago Cafiero, and the nation‘s Minister of Health, Carla Vizotti, announced today that Argentina is going to donate more than one million doses of AstraZeneca vaccines against COVID-19.

“In less than a year, on December 24th, we were getting the first vaccines coming into our country here, and today, November 22nd, we have enough vaccines stockpiled to complete them, to ensure the launch of the plan. and the third dose and reinforcement for the population that is turning 6 months old, which allows us to donate the vaccines”, highlighted Vizzotti.

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The officer remarked that “We’re not going to turn the page until every country has access to vaccines, because the pandemic isn’t over” ns 62% of Argentina’s population completed vaccination plan with two doses and approx 80% received the first dose of a coronavirus vaccine.

“The vaccines that we have, they assure us of a third dose and a booster,” the health minister said.We have vaccines for this year and 2022,

62% of Argentina's population completed the vaccination program with two doses and about 80% received the first dose of coronavirus vaccine (REUTERS/Agustin Marcarian)
62% of Argentina’s population completed the vaccination program with two doses and about 80% received the first dose of coronavirus vaccine (REUTERS/Agustin Marcarian)

Argentina has been exposed to SARS-CoV-2 since the start of the vaccination campaign. 91,940,445 vaccines have been received against, Of this total, 14,683,210 correspond to Sputnik V (10,125,655 of component 1 and 4,557,555 of component 2), and 5,688,125 produced in Argentina by the Richmond laboratory (1,179,625 of the first component, and 4,508,500 of the second).

to sign AstraZeneca 25,188,400 Dosage Matches (580,000 from Covishield; 1,944,000 received by the COVAX system, 19,912,000 from AstraZeneca and Oxford whose active ingredient was produced in Argentina; 2,202,800 donated by Spain, and 549,600 by Canada). Meanwhile, 31,672,800 are compliant with SinoForm (30,000,000 from bilateral contracts and 1,672,800 received through the COVAX mechanism); The United States donated 3,500,000 to Modern, 1,704,000 to CanSino, and 9,503,910 to Pfizer.

latest updated data from Public Immunization Monitor They indicate that as of this morning, 81,780,560 doses had been distributed across the country, of which 65,993,586 were implemented. Out of this, 36,129,442 people were vaccinated at least once and 28,569,955 people have a complete vaccination plan.

In return, 1,106,600 people received an additional dose and another 187,589, a booster dose., In the case of the first, it is administered 21 days after the second dose and is intended for immunized people over the age of three, regardless of the plan they received, and for people over 50 who have received it . sinoform,

Instead reinforcement, as explained by the health minister, Carla Vizotti, given at least six months after completing the primary two-dose schedule. This vaccination is currently being implemented,Health workers over 60 years of age,

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