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JAKARTA – Apart from historical factors, the Netherlands is the country of origin for players who are often naturalized by Indonesia. Even though not all of them go inside Indonesian National team , the players from the Land of the Windmills simply become a subscription.

At least 10 of the 35 players who have naturalized Indonesia come from the Netherlands. Most recently, there is the name of Marc Anthony Klok who was sworn in as an Indonesian citizen (WNI) on November 12, 2020.

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Before Marc Klok, a number of Dutch players such as Ezra Walian, Stefano Lilipaly, Sergio van Dijk had already pocketed the status of Indonesian citizens. Unfortunately, to this day Marc Klok has not defended the Indonesian national team because he has collided with FIFA rules, one of which is proof of being a descendant of Indonesians.

“PSSI also checked the documents of these players whether they really have Indonesian blood. Because if the documents do not exist or are not recognized by FIFA, the Marc Klok case could be repeated. At that time he could not prove that he was of Indonesian descent,” said PSSI Secretary General Yunus Nusi, over the weekend. then.

The Netherlands is not only the largest in its status as the country of origin of Indonesian naturalized players. The Dutch player, Arnol van der Vin, was also listed as the first Indonesian naturalized player, and made his debut with the Garuda Squad in 1952.

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Players from countries in South America such as Argentina and Brazil are also not naturalized once or twice. Players from Africa such as Nigeria and Cameroon are also quite frequent.

The Netherlands (10 players), Nigeria (5 players), Cameroon (5 players), and Brazil (3 players) are the four countries of origin for the most naturalized players in Indonesia. The rest, countries in Latin America such as Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, have also contributed names.

Here’s the list:

Marc Anthony Klok (Netherlands)
Otavio Dutra (Brazil)
Ilija Spasojevic (Montenegro)
Ezra Walian (Netherlands)
Alberto Goncalves (Brazil)
Cristian Gonzales (Uruguay)
Greg Nwokolo (Nigeria)
Stefano Lilipaly (Netherlands)
Kim Jeffrey Kurniawan (Germany)
Esteban Vizcarra (Argentina)
Victor Igbonefo (Nigeria)
Herman Dzumafo Effandi (Cameroon)
Sergio van Dijk (Netherlands)
OK Jhon (Nigeria)
Mahamadou Al Hadji (Kamerun)
Bio Paulin (Cameroon)
Tonnie Cusell (Netherlands)
Jhonny van Beukering (Belanda)
Ruben Wuarbanaran (Netherlands)
Raphael Maitimo (Netherlands)
Diego Michiels (Netherlands)
Cured Junior Guy (Cameroon)
Osas Saha (Nigeria)
Godstime Ouseloka Egwuatu (Nigeria)
Cristian Alejanro (Chile)
Fabiano Beltrame da Rosa (Brazil)
Arnol van der Vin (Netherlands)
Isaiah Pello Benson (Liberia)
Fassawa Camara (Guinea)
Sackie Teah Doe (Liberia)
Bruno Casimir (Kamerun)
Mamadou Diallo (Senegal)
Zoubairou Garba (Kamerun)
Mufilutau Opeyemi Ogunsola (Nigeria)
Silvio Escobar (Paraguay)


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