COVID-19: Good News! More than 40 million doses applied against Peruvian coronavirus

U.S.A.COVID-19: Good News! More than 40 million doses...

COVID-19: Peru delivers over 40 million doses against coronavirus. (Photo: Minasa)

Peru and its work against COVID-19. Not news to indicate that Peru has been one of the most affected countries global pandemic, due to the high death rate per million people. However, it should be emphasized that today there is more South American country than 40 million doses were implemented nationwide.

information was issued by Ministry of Health (Minsa) and a single national repository of health information (REUNIS), in which it has been verified that The exact number of vaccines administered is 40 million 086,179, of which 22 million 075,382 doses corresponded to the first dose, 17 million 520,900 corresponded to the second dose and 489,897 were administered as booster doses.

From this we can confirm that more than 1.7 million people in Peru are already fully immunized against COVID-19. This amount is equivalent to 63% of vaccinated people in the Andean country.

Similarly, it is important to mention that during the vaccination campaign Yesterday, 78,217 people were vaccinated, of which 26,308 citizens received the first dose, 42,018 the second and 9,891 the third dose.

Recall that the groups considered for vaccination against COVID-19 in Peru are men and women over the age of 12, called the ‘target group’ and 28 million 024,250 citizens in the southern country .

Information updated by the Institute of Health as of 6:03 pm on November 23.

Vaccination process in Peru until 23 November.  (Photo: Minasa)
Vaccination process in Peru until 23 November. (Photo: Minasa)

Ranking of Vaccinated Population by City

For this information, we rely on public data from the Single Repository of Health Information (Reunis), updated as of November 23 at 6:03 pm. Next, we will present the 5 regions where the highest and lowest populations have been vaccinated with both doses.

Five regions with the highest vaccination rates

– Ica vaccination with 73.1% of the population

– Arequipa immunized with 70.5% of its population

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– Callao vaccinated with 69.6% of its population

– Lima vaccination with 69.4% of the population

– Uncash vaccination with 67.9% of the population

Five areas with the lowest percentage of vaccinations

– Vaccination of 33.5% of the population of Madre de Dios

– Vaccination of Puno with 38.0% of its population

– Loreto with its 38.9% population vaccination

– Vaccination of 40.3% of Ukayali population

– Amazonas whose 46.6% of the population is vaccinated

till now Only 3 regions (Ica, Arequipa and Lima provinces) were those that received more than 70% of vaccination with two doses. On the other hand, the areas that have not yet received 50% vaccination are Huanuco (46.8%) and Ayacucho (47.6%) with the last five in the ranking.

Peru and the possibility of a third wave

Former Deputy Health Minister, Percy Minaya gives an interview to the RPP program ‘Ampliación de Noticias’ and hints That, despite the accelerated rate of vaccination, cases continue to rise rapidly, especially in the capital.

“All the indicators suggest that we are already in that third wave. About five weeks ago, five to six weeks ago cases were increasing, and progressively we see that cam uci They get busy. The minister said that 60% cam uci They are busy and the rate of positivity of cases is also increasing and this can be found in the indicators that the country is showing”, he expressed.

The expert assured that Peru can take as an example the European experience, where some countries vaccination rate It is close to 90% but they remain in “fragile” condition.

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