COVID-19 in Peru: 999 new positive cases and 903 hospitalized in ICU

U.S.A.COVID-19 in Peru: 999 new positive cases and 903...

COVID-19 in Peru: 999 new positive cases and 903 hospitalized in ICU. (Photo: Minasa)

The Ministry of Health (Minsa) said that on November 22, the total 999 new positive cases and 13 deaths in Peru despite the progress of Vaccines in a country that has already added 63 percent of the population.

Positive cases in last 24 hours

after update COVID-19 Situation Room, health authority He specified that as of 22:00 last Sunday, samples had been processed for 20 million 008,200 people., These tests include molecular, rapid and antigen tests.

leave the test for all of them COVID-19,17 lakh 781,544 were negative. Therefore, the number of positives reached 20 lakh 226,656 cases by 21 November. Since “patient zero” was discovered, that was the first case confirmed by the Peruvian health authority.

The Minasa also pointed out that in this latest report the results of Samples of 43,874 people were taken, out of which 999 cases were confirmed as symptomatic of that day.

In addition, till the final examination RResult partially recorded From 1539 confirmed cases COVID-19 of the last seven days.

Hospitalised, recovered and dead

Peru arrived vaccinated with both doses 17 million 520,900 people from its target populationHowever, it is important to emphasize that we should not let our guard down, as the Ministry of Health has pointed out that till date 3,181 patients hospitalized for COVID-19, of whom 903 are in critical condition Under mechanical ventilation in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

In the latest report released by Minasa, it is verified that they are up to date 2 million 206,930 people Those who have already recovered from the disease, as they have been discharged from the health facility or have completed the period of home isolation. An additional fact is that during On November 21, 124 people were discharged.

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Similarly, Peru’s official health unit regrets reporting that COVID-19 has produced 200,931 civilians died in the country.

The COVID-19 Situation Room in Peru until 21 November.  (Photo: Minasa)
The COVID-19 Situation Room in Peru until 21 November. (Photo: Minasa)

Increase in COVID-19 cases

There has been a significant increase in infections here since 15 days. COVID-19 in Peru, with particular emphasis on the many districts of Lima, which are registered 200% increase in cases.

in only a little break there was an increase in the cases of 202%, up from 90 positive cases last week to 272. They are followed on the list with the highest increase in infections. Caraballo, which went up from 44 to 131 cases (198%); San Martín de Porres, from 133 to 367 (176%); and Puente Piedra, from 50 to 98 (96%).

According to Dante Cerso, head of EsSalud’s Intelligence and Data Analysis Unit (UIAD), this is reflected in the increase in hospital beds and ICUs due to COVID-19 in various hospitals across the country.

“Earlier this month there were 1,606 beds for hospitalisation, a figure which has now increased to 1,808 beds, while the number of patients in ICU beds has gone up from 331 to 358, Agencies told Andina.

Minasa attends comedy convention

to increase the rate of Vaccination in Peru And to nail down the possibilities of a third wave, Minasa participated in the Comic Convention, an event that brings people of all ages together to enjoy the world of comics, manga, anime, and more. many people were encouraged to get dose against COVID-19.

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