COVID-19: Peru reports 485 new confirmed cases and 3,217 hospitalized in last 24 hours

U.S.A.COVID-19: Peru reports 485 new confirmed cases and 3,217...

COVID-19: Peru reports 485 new confirmed cases and 3,217 hospitalizations in the last 24 hours. (Photo: Minasa)

In recent days, various health representatives talked about a rebound positive cases in peru, And it is that despite rapid vaccination in the country, confirmed cases are not decreasing. During the last report released by Ministry of Health 485 people were known to have tested positive COVID-19 And 3,217 patients are hospitalized because of contracting the new coronavirus.

Minasa Discord is implementing tests for the virus in question in different regions of the country. The amount sampled that the health unit handles is estimated as it is in the range of 30,000 to 50,000 tests SARS-CoV-2.

According to the data presented in the Kovid-19 Situation Room, till 10:00 PM on 23rd November, There were 20 deaths from the disease in question

People’s samples were taken and positive cases

Till datethey have done molecular teststotal, serological and rapid 20 million 059,723 people, of which 17 million 831,511 samples and 2 million 228,212 people were positive for COVID-19.

Results for the last Tuesday of this week Samples of 52,523 people were taken, of which 485 were symptomatic cases Confirmed for SARS-CoV-2 that day.

The Minsa portal states that “results of 1,556 confirmed cases of COVID-19 for the past seven days were also partially recorded.”

The COVID-19 Situational Room in Peru.  (Photo: Minasa)
The COVID-19 Situational Room in Peru. (Photo: Minasa)

hospitalized and discharged

According to the information published on the website of the health institution, it is verified that at present 3,217 patients are hospitalized due to COVID-19, out of which 899 are in critical condition Within the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

However, the good news is that 2 lakh 208,575 people have been successful in overcoming this disease. And they have been discharged from a health facility or from their own homes (home isolation).

Similarly, the Ministry of Health expressed its sentiments informing that COVID-19 has produced 200,961 civilians died in the country.

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How to prevent a possible third wave?

1. Use masks with high filtration efficiency. Keep this point in mind, because there are currently many fake masks that will only harm your health, don’t forget Buy in secure establishments. One of the safest is KN95 and another option is to use a double surgical mask or a cloth inside and outside the surgical mask.

2. Washing hands with soap and water. If you think that this measure is no longer important, then let us tell you that it is not so and studies show that the virus is present on the hands and it is the ‘transport’ of the country. COVID-19, Obviously there will be places where you can’t wash your hands and that’s where you should apply consistently Use of liquid or gel alcohol to disinfect your hands.

3. Avoid going to social gatherings. This is important because a rise in positive cases is a reality in Peru. However, we understand that you want to reduce the tension and for this to happen in open spaces, take them as the first option. keep as much as possible Physical distance, closed or poorly ventilated places.

4. Protect your family. If you live with relatives who are older than you, you should think about them before you go, and even more so if these people belong to the risk group (older adults and chronic diseases).

5. Get vaccinated and encourage your loved ones to get vaccinated. Vaccines have been shown to be effective in populations, many vaccinated people who were infected COVID-19 Due to the effectiveness of the vaccine, they have managed to overcome the disease without major complications.

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