COVID Super Passport: Shutting down the lives of unconnected, European strategy to contain infection

U.S.A.COVID Super Passport: Shutting down the lives of unconnected,...

The adjustment of restrictions does not have to stop despite protests. The measures lead to a super green pass in Europe. But how will it work for people who haven’t been vaccinated?

Some restrictions to avoid more risk of closure before Christmas. This is the decision of many European countries to stop the surprising spread of coronavirus infection.

In all cases, governments have spent several days studying the scope of decision-making measures in relation to these restrictions, after various scientific and health advisors raised their recommendations.

Despite movements against sanctions, Europe must take “urgent” measures in the face of new wave of COVID-19, an agency estimates The European Union on Wednesday, the day after the warning from World Health Organization about the risk of another carnage this winter,

With over 2.5 million cases and nearly 30,000 deaths last week, Europe is by far the region of the world most affected by the pandemic, According to official data compiled by AFP, And the trend continues to increase, especially in countries with the lowest vaccination rates.

On Tuesday, the European branch of WHO was concerned with the “catch” of COVID-19 in Europe, which An additional 700,000 people could die on the continent by spring, In addition to this 1.5 million deaths are already listed.

In this way, more and more countries are increasing the pressure on the illiterate. the last one has been Italy: Only people who have a full vaccination plan and have the disease can enter leisure places and restaurants, Thus excluding those who wish to do so with a negative certificate for the transition.

the government of mario dragio Will support vaccination against a possible fourth wave, green light the call “Super Passport COVID”,The measure will take effect on December 6 and restricts the entry of unvaccinated people in various places, which They can only use a negative test to go to work.

Mario Draghi's government
Mario Draghi’s government will favor vaccination against a possible fourth wave, giving the green light to the so-called “Super Covid Passport”.

The aim of the Italian administration is to put pressure on him 15% of the population who have not yet received the injection. Italy, with its expanded Super Health Pass, wants to reduce them 7 million people are reluctant to receive anti-COVID serum.

But the executive adds decisions. This has expanded the number of areas that would need vaccination to work. Till now this requirement was mandatory among health workers. By December 15, school personnel, police officers and members of the military are included in their jobs. The Italian government has also announced that Extends the booster dose of the COVID-19 vaccine currently available to people over 40 to the entire adult population.

Europe has once again become the epicenter of the pandemic.The current outbreak is driven by “no wax” experts from the World Health Organization, many of whom Will end up in intensive care units for “not being immunized”, perhaps with grim photographs and deaths.

Since Feather GermanyWith the rise in the incidence of contagion, the rule came into force “2G”, The infection continues to rise, the country has just recorded New record with 75,961 positives in a day

Only people vaccinated or with COVID-19 will be able to go to work, otherwise they will have to be exposed to daily tests. For some groups of activities, such as the military, the vaccine is mandatory.

German regulation is A kind of safe conduct for vaccinated people and those who have already recovered from the disease, the only group that will be able to lead a normal life without restrictions from now on.

The isolation of the population on the basis of immunity, either by vaccination or after recovery from infection, was a declared chronic. Even with hospital saturation in regions such as Bavaria, some medical associations floated the idea of ​​reducing hospitalization costs for the coronavirus for people who declined vaccines.

“It is imperative to get vaccinated,” said French Health Minister, see oliver, For Strengthen Health Pass, a measure announced this Thursday, furthers another squeeze for those who have ignored developments to contain the virus.

Vaccine booster, when and for whom?  This is the main question he examined on Wednesday during a new Health Defense Council chaired by President Emmanuel Macron.
Vaccine booster, when and for whom? This is the main question he examined on Wednesday during a new Health Defense Council chaired by President Emmanuel Macron.

Vaccine booster, when and for whom? This is the main question that was examined on Wednesday during a new Health Defense Council chaired by Emmanuel Macron. To fight the fifth wave of the coronavirus pandemic in the country.

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with, in addition, A Prime Minister, Jean Castex, which tested positive for COVID-19 Monday night, like 30,000 people France In the last 24 hours, The figures show very strong growth in a span of one week.

Advocated third booster dose for all adults Scientific Council and Vaccination Strategy Orientation Council, as well as the integration of this booster dose into the Health Pass for All, are speculations coming from Elysee.

Faced with the scale of the fifth wave of the coronavirus, multiple sources confirmed by the French press indicate that the headline The health department must confirm the return of the mandatory use of masks indoors and outdoors.

As far as health passes are concerned, along with tightening the controls, their detention is also being tightened. For unrelated people, The validity of a negative test can be reduced to 24 hours as compared to 72 hours so far. The purpose of this measure is to encourage the most resistant, so that they can bear the burden of limitations.

Denmark Nor does he escape these restrictions. The Danish government has announced that it wants Resuming the mandatory use of face masks or masks indoors and expanding the requirement to submit health certificates due to a rise in infections in recent weeks.

NS Magnus Hunicke, Minister of Health of Denmark, recalled that the epidemic continues to grow throughout the country and it is necessary to approve new measures to prevent transmission. Denmark has reported 4,426 new cases in the past 24 hours, the second highest figure in the entire pandemic, although the number of hospital stays is 435, less than half of what it reached a year ago.

"COVID Super Passport"A fence for the uneducated
“Super COVID Passport”, a fence for unvaccinated people

Spanish Health expects to deliver 16 million booster doses before the end of this 2021. Despite being one of the European nations with a complete plan for close to 90% of the population, health officials have broken down the epidemic status between vaccinated and unvaccinated people.

“The weekly rate of cases in all age groups is higher among unvaccinated people. But if you look at people aged 60 to 69 and 70 to 79, the difference is very significant. The rate of reported cases in these age groups is about 23 in vaccinated people and about 181 in uninfected people. Specified Minister of Health, Carolina Darius.

“The priority objective should be prevention and vaccination”, The details of the hospital stay, the official said, present a “stable condition with a definite tendency to increase”.

in relation to the agreements made in Interregional Council of the National Health System, the minister has said that Extended agreements relating to sporting events: 100% outdoor capacity; 80%, indoors; Prohibition of smoking, eating and drinking; And the obligation to use a mask.

Portugal and Netherlands to announce restrictive measures this week, whereas, Slovakia has just decided on two weeks of simple imprisonment due to the increase in cases.

For all this, the debate over vaccine liability is already on the table in the environment of EU countries, particularly in many member states where resistance to immunization is high. However, this will be the last setting.

Austria, where the pandemic is already progressing with daily spikes that exceed 50% from a year ago, non-vaccination has been kept at the forefront of the fence., A few days ago he ordered total imprisonment for 20 days, a measure that began last Monday.

Until December 13, Austrian imprisonment, which deserved harsh mobilization and resistance, would continue only for the illiterate. And in a very controversial decision, the vaccine could become mandatory from February 2022.

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