Saturday, November 26, 2022

Crazy because of Zhang Lan’s enthusiasm? Wang Xiaofei scolded “don’t use us again”

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zhang lanheWang Xiaofeiattack day by daybig sThe whole family, even the netizens can’t stand what they are doing. Earlier, Wang Xiaofei posted on Weibo again, scolding angrily, “Please don’t use us to eat human blood steamed buns. I’m not rich, but I don’t depend on it to make money.” “

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But he didn’t understand that the most vicious live broadcast these days was his mother, Zhang Lan. Netizens are confused by her. And because of Zhang Lan’s continuous acidity in the live broadcast, the big S andth juneIn the end, even the mattress was sold, earning enough topics and traffic, but it also made netizens on both sides of the Taiwan Strait see her bottom line, and shook their heads, thinking that she was really ruthless Was.

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Wang Xiaofei was no less scolded, he appeared in the live broadcast of a young woman’s voice early in the morning, suspected to be the rumored girlfriend Zhang Yingying, once again “reminding” netizens what he had done in the past . But he never admitted his mistake, instead he wrote gleefully, “Whether we are right or wrong, it is our family business.” He didn’t forget to warn in his post that “until we speak up, everything else is bullshit.” Of course, it’s not surprising that he deleted the article in seconds at the end.

Wang Xiaofei issued an article reprimanding the live broadcast for rubbing her popularity. (courtesy of weibo)
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Zhang Lan sells mattresses in the live broadcast.  (courtesy of weibo)
Zhang Lan sells mattresses in the live broadcast. (courtesy of weibo)


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