Criticism of lvaro Uribe for video in which he uses one of his staff to maneuver a horse

U.S.A.Criticism of lvaro Uribe for video in which he...

Ex-President‘s Passion lvaro Uribe for horses Over the years, it has been the subject of love and hate among those who follow its trajectory. This was confirmed after a video was released this Saturday, in which the leaders of the Democratic Center are seen. Performing a maneuver that was the least risky for many.

In content shared on Twitter, Antioquia politician is celebrated According to what is behind it, the person who published it said that this is the mare of the best step what will be his farm in Lanogrande, Antioquia What appears to be a brief demonstration of skill for five people. Although it lasts 58 seconds, the discussion focuses on the first ten.

At that point Uribe asks who will be among the farm workers to stay stable, while He grabs the animal’s bridle with one hand and gives it a full turn, Continue until the former president puts another on the man’s head and tells him to “look at me.”

The comments were immediate: while some recognized the former senator’s skill and talent, noting that “Horses are beautiful, strong and noble animals. not everyone can be invoicedOthers linked the video to drug trafficking culture and even wondered whether the rodeo put the worker’s safety at risk.

“As he did with his friends Ochoas at the time,” said one user of the social network, followed by another jokingly alleging that “Two things my president is very good at: riding fine Paso horses and sending Colombian children to be killed with the armyAnother was ironic when he observed that “it looks great, a great display of beauty and rhythm … Too bad the parachute mummy that he takes up.” Of the worker, he said that “The humiliated young man is Colombia” And he asked “Which employee could appreciate such an employer?”

In his defense, followers came forward who did not hesitate to throw darts against the Colombian leftist. ,hide those horse beauties because petro is going for them… he will confiscate them for his own collection, which Colombians will suffer”, said one user. Yet another celebrated the video by saying that “Such a noble animal knows who is a good person And in return it reveals all its glory! We also recognize this and in return we will cast our vote.”

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On the other hand, there are those who know more about horses, who not only paid attention to the mare of Uribe it’s not okay but trochadora, but also explained that the maneuvers performed with the worker demonstrate the former president‘s dominance over the horse, which allows him to move it around a tight curve without losing the rhythm of the gallop.

With Uribe, who recognizes that “i love this mare so much i love her so much“is also Former Governor of Casanare Alirio Barrera, He never misses an opportunity to show his skills on the back of another horse. The latter was fine.

Significantly, although followers and detractors alike politicized the video, The former head of state has been emphatic in recent months Along with this, he will not participate directly in politics, at least in the elections to be held next year.

“The truth is that I know the harm they have caused me hurts any candidate I support. That’s why I am not going to support candidates, I am going to support democracy.” He said in an interview about the presidential race in mid-September. This statement was followed by another statement from the beginning of November in which he said that “a few years ago I said that there comes a time in life with my wife, with some debt with the family, and This is not the right time to go to Congress.”,

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