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Crossbit, which operates the shift management SaaS “Rakushifu”, announced on November 22 that it has launched a new service “Rakushifu Work” that allows you to directly recruit personnel on specific days and times from the shift management system. bottom. This makes it possible to recruit human resources on days of the week and times when shifts are difficult to fill, without spending money or man-hours, with one stop from the shift management system. URLs for companies and URLs for candidates are available.

Rakushifu is a shift management tool that uses LINE to maximize profits through “efficiency of shift management” and “optimal placement of employees.” Available from August 2017. The number of stores that have introduced it has exceeded 12,000 (as of November 18, 2021).

Rakushifu Work is the industry’s first service specializing in shift-based recruitment, and it is possible to recruit recruitment by setting the day of the week and time zone in detail. Companies that have introduced Rakushifu will be able to use it by setting up an account for Rakushifu Work in Rakushifu.

Since recruitment can be started based on the regular staff shortage frame visualized by the system, it is possible to eliminate shift mismatches such as mismatches in the desired day and time after hiring employees. Only if you are hired after applying and interviewing, you will be charged a hiring decision fee of 7700 yen (tax included) per person, and if you continue working as it is, you will be able to acquire appropriate human resources and realize efficient hiring and cost reduction. ..

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Employees such as non-regular employment, part-time employment, and part-time employment will be able to find a company that can work for a long period of time that always matches the free time. It is said that you can improve your income by shifting your wishes. In addition to being able to manage shift submissions and work schedules only with LINE (search for a comfortable workplace where DX conversion is progressing), it is also mentioned as an advantage that shifts of multiple workplaces can be managed easily.


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