Crystals, Marijuana and Pistols: How “Japo” and His Son “Panque” Fell, Linked to the Union

U.S.A.Crystals, Marijuana and Pistols: How "Japo" and His Son...

Both were wanted since last June (Photo: SSC-CDMX)

He was arrested after a five-month investigation. NS chant and his son, NS Panque, identified as extortionist leader Apart from the alleged drug distributors, in the capital of the country union tepito,

Maria de Lourdes Cashier Artega, NS chant, And ricardo cashier artega, NS Panque, were in possession of Marijuana, methamphetamine Crystallized, as well as a high-end vehicle, a shotgun and useful cartridges.

58-year-old female and 34-year-old subject, according to intelligence assignments, Illegal fees collected from traders of fixed and semi-fixed stalls In the Morelos neighborhood. what’s more, Coordinated attacks with Tepito Union Against tenants refusing to pay flat fees.

it is found that NS chant And NS Panque they marketed cocaine and retail marijuana in the Morelos neighborhoods of the mayors of Venustiano Carranza and Cuauhtémoc.

Drugs, firearms and a scale were confiscated (Photo: SSC-CDMX)
Drugs, firearms and a scale were confiscated (Photo: SSC-CDMX)

in social networks They were displayed with firearms at the Chelerias de Tepitos., where he left himself as free from punishment in his area. fell with them Rodrigo Hernandez Lucero, 26 years old, alleged accomplice in the same criminal activities.

According to the official report, these three people they were were in a black vehicle in which they were seen exchanging drugs, agent of Civil Defense Secretariat Those who were passing through the streets of the Penitensiaria Colony, approached him to meet him and deny the crimes.

“They conducted a preventive review as per police action protocol where they were found” 170 transparent bags containing a distinctly white solid substance crystal, similar to three plastic bags with green and dry vegetables Marijuana, a gramara scale and a shotgun with 35 useful cartridges of various caliber ”, highlighted the capital’s police.

As a result, the two men and women were informed of their legal rights, insured with their vehicle, and made available to the public ministry to determine their legal status.

An alleged accomplice of Japo y el Panqué also fell (Photo: SSC-CDMX)
An alleged accomplice of Japo y el Panqué also fell (Photo: SSC-CDMX)

“Knew that 34-year-old prisoner has been admitted to the penitentiary system for the offense of serious robbery in the year 2015added dependencies led Omar Garcia Harfuchu,

possibly, chant And this Panque they extort in the mark Venustiano Carranza Mayor’s office where he was detained, as well as tianguis of San Felipe de la Gustavo a Madero; Other than this Market Morelos and Emilio Carranza.

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both characters are connected pied, Chu Y And this fernanditoMILF the considered operators union tepito, The arrest was made after cabinet work on the afternoon of 24 November.

Too many NS chant What NS Panque This was wanted from mid-2021. Action against these men began on June 18, following the arrest of Kevin, another of Kevin’s sons. chant,

Everything was insured for the MP (Photo: SSC-CDMX)
Everything was insured for the MP (Photo: SSC-CDMX)

for decades, Tepito is featured as a place where the sale of stolen products operates., smuggling, as well drug dealing,

often considered a neighborhood without laws, Because Officers stay out of trouble The everyday life that this region encounters.

NS Police rarely enter Barrio Bravo, which remains as an autonomous community most of the time., where the strongest survives.

How criminal gangs have grown with this lack of intervention as well as extortion of traders such as the drug trade, they have gained the power to expand by nearby delegations.

The Tepito neighborhood is the birthplace of drug trafficking in the center of the country (Photo: Cuartoscoro)
The Tepito neighborhood is the birthplace of drug trafficking in the center of the country (Photo: Cuartoscoro)

neighborhood It is located in the Morelos neighborhood, north of the capital’s first square, in the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office. Boxers, footballers, cradles of artists; Scenes from films and novels, its cultural impact is overshadowed by a wave of violence.

More signs of violence have been found in this area near tourist places in the country’s capital. For years, the trafficking families operated, but since 2010 they have worked with the logic of the cartel of Union Tepito.

As of 2019, this criminal organization is gone shield With the arrest or murder of its main operators.

currently lives a The wave of internal conflict for leadership and which contributed to its fragmentationHowever, the violence does not stop and neither does the sale of drugs by criminal groups.

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