Cuba’s dictatorship arrested 45 minors for political reasons: some faced prison sentences of more than 10 years

U.S.A.Cuba's dictatorship arrested 45 minors for political reasons: some...

The forces of the Castro dictatorship violently suppressed the last 11th of July March

Castro’s dictatorship has arrested 45 minors since July 11, when spontaneous protests broke out on the island. Of that alarming number, 30 were released from prison and 15 remained in the dungeons of the regime.

Among those released are 13 children who They face more than 10 years in prison and 11 are charged with treason.

The alarming situation is condemned by the international community and human rights organizations around the world. Also on social media, local and international activists demand justice for themselves with the hashtag #LibertadParaLosNiñosDel11J.

A few days ago, the Latin American branch of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) condemned “reported cases of child detention in Cuba” after a peaceful protest. “We call on the Cuban authorities to provide additional verifiable information on children allegedly in this situation,” he added in a text posted to his Twitter account.

It is the first statement the UN agency makes publicly and comes after several claims of an independent Cuban civil society.

The Justice 11J platform unearthed several dangerous cases such as 16-year-old Brian Pilotto Pupo, who faces a possible 16-year prison sentence for the offense of treason; 17-year-old Alexander Morjon Hernandez also charged with the crime of treason; And also Jonathan Torres Farat, 17, who is being prosecuted for public disorder.

The Justice 11J group asked for solidarity with the defendants of that day of the protest in a petition that has been promoted on the Change platform “for the freedom of the 11J protesters” and pointed to the cases of minors arrested.

The most recent example of this type of arrest at the hands of Cuban authorities occurred this week, when repression reached a 16-year-old boy, Reniel Rodriguez, before 15N’s call for a Civic March for Change in Cuba. Cárdenas, after calling for a protest in Matanzas, and went out into the streets that day dressed in white.

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Reniel Rodriguez criticized the theory of dictatorship

The Libertarian Youth Alliance reported that The minor was held at the Comprehensive Training School (EFI) in Matanzas, Where I only had access to one call, His mother gave an interview to the Giron newspaper in which she details what happened: she said that she was forced by “authorities” to withdraw her son from school in order to testify before them and that “he had to be possessed by minors.” can be carried”, referring to the EFI.

“Our partners are in the Renial EFI (Comprehensive Training School). These centers are directed by the Ministry of the Interior, where a Complete preaching and behavior change For Young. His head was shaved and he only has access to a call”, condemned the Alliance in its account in the social network Twitter.

There he was detained for two days, until an intense campaign on social networks managed to get the authorities to release him.

local environment cybercuba Recalled that Rodriguez, known on social networks as “crazy debate, A video published on 15 November in which he joins the “Civic March for Change” called by the forum archipelago, and asked the population to join.

Following the same portal, “Before being taken to the police station, a member of the Communist Party, allegedly directed by state security, Ordered him to remove the video of his march and write a tweet asking his followers not to continue spreading it, which he did.,

from twitter, In recent weeks the young man has criticized the regime, repeatedly calling for the release of political prisoners and even questioning school education.,

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A 16-year-old Cuban boy was arrested and shaved after marching against the Diaz-Canel dictatorship on November 15.

Uniyar García, leader of Diaz-Canel’s opposition: “Cuban has a dictatorship, a brutal tyranny, as rarely seen”

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