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Da Ya was sued by a black man and confessed: He once couldn’t even think of exposing the “shocking changes” to his body

Daya (Zhou Yipei) published an article last year accusingblack person(Chen Jianzhou)sexual harassmentA lawsuit was later filed by the other party. In January this year, Daya was confirmed not to be prosecuted. On the 2nd, she attended a Modern Women’s Foundation event and revealed that at the lowest point at that time, she once wanted to “end her life” and even thought she harmed her husband. And got married. Wrong. Fortunately, I realized the illness and immediately went to the psychosomatic department for help.

When Da Ya revealed in June last year that in 2012,hong kongAfter being sexually harassed by a black man, she sued him for 10 million yuan, and then filed a criminal complaint, leading to Da Ya’s downfall. He thought to himself: “What if I lose the case and seek compensation? I’m still wrongly accused of lying. Where do I want to end my life?” When her husband found out about her idea, he said bluntly: “Why are you so irresponsible? Aren’t you making the other person too happy? Just let him achieve his goal.” Due to this Daya also realized that she was ill. I need to see the psychosomatic department.

When he went to the doctor, the doctor also said to Da Ya: “Thank you, you are a good person, you will recover.” Da Ya burst into tears, “I think this is ridiculous. I just do what I think is right, and that’s not a good thing. It’s been a really hard time chewing on these emotions every day.” ” His weight had also reduced at that time. She was originally 168 centimeters tall, but her weight dropped to less than 50 kilograms. Now she is back to her original weight. He laughingly said that he is still overweight. She went for a health checkup and found that she had “grown tall” and was over 169 centimeters tall.

After being sued by a black man in Taiwan, Da Ya also went to Hong Kong, where the incident occurred, to report the case and file a lawsuit to prove that what he said was true. Now the trial in Taiwan has ended. But the trial will continue in Hong Kong. Da Ya candidly admitted that legal fees would increase. You can’t run away with a million dollars. At that time, Da Ya was sued, and some netizens were so angry that they reported the matter to the police. Da Ya received a record-making request from the police. She thought it was a scam for a while, but then the police came to her door and she realized it was true. Therefore, she was very grateful to these unknown people. People support.

Da Ya participated in the Modern Women’s Foundation event. Reporter du Picsue/Photography



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