DAIZ, a meat miracle meat substitute, and Monogatari Corporation form a capital and business alliance, and develop an alternative meat menu at domestic and overseas stores such as Yakiniku Kingu | Today Nation News

TechnologyDAIZ, a meat miracle meat substitute, and Monogatari Corporation...

On November 19, the startup “DAIZ”, which develops and produces “Miracle Meat”, an alternative meat (vegetable meat) derived from sprouted soybeans, announced a capital and business alliance with Monogatari Corporation. Monogatari Corporation will promote the joint development and innovation of new yakiniku products based on miracle meat at Yakiniku Kingu. In addition, DAIZ will expand the development of products such as dumplings and spring rolls, whose recipes have been developed using miracle meat, in multiple formats such as Marugen ramen. The company plans to locally manufacture products using Miracle Meat and expand sales channels at overseas stores as well.

Monogatari Corporation has 595 stores of 16 brands in Japan and overseas, such as “Yakiniku Kingu” and “Marugen Ramen” mainly on the suburban roadside in Japan, and “Crab Okadaya Sohonten” and “Aged Yakiniku Yakiniku King” in Shanghai, China. Dining company. Under the medium-term management plan “Vision 2025” set forth by Monogatari Corporation, the existing business is targeted for group sales of 150 billion yen (latest 2021 results: 95.9 billion yen) as a “business format development company in Asia” in 2025. We are promoting the strengthening of new businesses and the development of new business formats.

DAIZ is a startup in the food tech field with its own technology “Ochiai High Pressure Method” (Patent No. 5722518) as its core technology. We aim to help solve the problem. This capital and business alliance was reached in order to raise awareness of alternative meats as new meats to more consumers and to raise awareness of sustainable food culture.

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As an initiative to achieve the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), we will expand the development and sales of new products using Miracle Meat, which has a low environmental impact, in order to meet the needs of products that are friendly to the global environment. In addition, it is said that it will actively promote efforts to solve problems such as “environment” and “hunger”.

According to DAIZ, the main ingredient that has been used for meat substitutes is the residue after soybean oil extraction (defatted soybeans). It is said that there are still issues in terms of inferior functionality (nutrition value), which has hindered full-scale spread.

On the other hand, DAIZ’s meat miracle meat uses whole soybeans as a raw material. By using oleic acid-rich soybeans, the odor peculiar to soybeans was eliminated and the off-flavor was reduced. In addition, soybeans are germinated by the Ochiai high pressure method, which freely controls the taste and functionality, to increase the taste and nutritional value. This germinated soybean is put into an extruder (extrusion molding machine) that performs kneading, processing, molding, swelling, sterilization, etc. by pushing it out under high temperature with water while adding water, and it has elasticity like meat by swelling molding technology. -Reproduces the texture. It is said that these unique technologies are used to manufacture miracle meat with reduced off-flavor.

DAIZ of meat miracle meat and Monogatari Corporation form a capital and business alliance, and the meat menu will be expanded at domestic and overseas stores such as yakiniku kingu.


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