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DATAFLUCT, which provides a service for utilizing “multimodal data” that processes data in different formats such as images, videos, sounds, and documents in an integrated manner, will provide 200 million on November 22 with a loan from Japan Finance Corporation. Announced that it has raised 50 million yen. The financing this time was carried out by financing utilizing the “loan system with stock acquisition rights”. The system provides unsecured funds to venture companies that are engaged in new businesses and aim to go public by acquiring stock acquisition rights at the same time as financing. As a result, the cumulative amount of capital and debt funds raised by DATA FLUCT was 690 million yen.

Since its founding in 2019, DATAFLUCT has been developing data science services specialized in each industry centered on solving social issues under the vision of “making data a business.” As of November, the number of services released exceeds 20. We will tackle new issues from the perspective of ESG and SDGs, where startups are expected to play an active role, and in July, we released a service that visualizes the carbon footprint of consumption from payment data as an idea to turn “decarbonization” into a business opportunity. However, we are proceeding with efforts toward commercialization.

In the current situation where more than 90% of companies have not started DX (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry “DX Report 2 (Interim Report)”), DATA FLUCT has supported DX of many major companies. The funds raised this time will be used to develop new services centered on multimodal data platform services, strengthen existing services, and strengthen marketing. Introducing new services and launching new services toward the realization of the “multimodal data platform concept” that connects all types of data regardless of whether it is structured or unstructured, capitalizes it, and provides an environment that can be used end-to-end without code. We plan to gradually strengthen existing services.

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In late November, the no-code end-to-end machine learning platform (multi-cloud AutoML) “DATA FLUCT cloud terminal.” Was renewed. In mid-December, as a new service, in addition to aggregating data scattered within the company and external open data, preprocessing such as unstructured data structuring is executed by AI technology and cataloged. Data lake / data warehouse “Air Lake” will be available.DATA FLUCT, which supports data utilization, raises 250 million yen and strengthens multimodal data platform development

Going forward, we will continue to introduce demand forecasting platform services and no-code interactive BI platform services for SCM (Supply Chain Management), aiming to strengthen our business in order to provide all-in-one solutions. A service that promotes “data capitalization” that can gain unprecedented insights by using data that has not been used as a material for analysis and providing an environment where data can be newly combined. He wants to expand the data utilization human resources by continuously developing and adopting UI / UX that can be used regardless of the presence or absence of specialized knowledge and technology.


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