Dawn/Rian Stopped in Japan’s Double Hand

SportsDawn/Rian Stopped in Japan's Double Hand

Indonesia Open 2021 Results: Fajar/Rian Stopped in Japanese Double Hands. Photo: PBSI

NUSA DUA – Fajar Alfian/Muhammad Rian Ardianto stopped in the quarter-finals Indonesia Open 2021 . Both were defeated by representatives of Japan, Akira Koga/Taichi Saito in a fierce match of three games 12-10, 21-13, and 14-21.

Compete at the Bali Convention Center, Indonesia on Friday (11/26/2021) night WIB, Dawn/Rian played well in the first two games. Even so, he had to admit defeat in the first game.

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In the second game, Fajar/Rian were able to turn things around, but they lost in the deciding game. In the future, Akira/Taichi will face other Indonesian representatives, Marcus Fernaldi Gideon/Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo in the semifinals of the Indonesia Open 2021.

Fajar/Rian actually started the game really well. Both were able to leave Akira / Taichi with a difference of two points. However, after the match lasted for seven minutes, Akira/Taichi actually managed to show their strength.

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This can be seen from the slick appearance and consistency of Akira/Taichi until the end of the first game. As a result, Fajar/Rian failed to win in the first game after losing 10-21 to Akira/Taichi.

In the second game, the two pairs immediately presented a fierce match. It has been observed that both of them win each other and are often equally strong in the acquisition of points.

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In this game, Fajar/Rian keeps trying to destroy Akira/Taichi’s defenses. However, it seems that the Japanese representative was able to anticipate it well. In fact, several times led to points for both.

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