Deep Farming Indo-Pacific Announces $150 Million Investment in Southeast Asia

The US-ASEAN Leaders Summit was held in Washington today, and the U.S. Government announces $150 million injection of aidSoutheast AsiaThe region develops clean energy and promotes maritime cooperation to deepen US-ASEAN ties and fulfill commitments to the Indo-Pacific region.

The United States of America and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Leaders Summit was held in Washington, DC today, hosted by the President of the United States of America.Biden(Joe Biden) Dinner with guest leaders at the White House tonight. This is another important meeting with Asian countries ahead of Biden’s first trip to Asia in late May, reflecting the United States’ determination to cultivate depth in the Indo-Pacific.

Senior US official says Biden administration will expand its efforts in Southeast AsiaInvestmentA total of $150 million, including $40 million for clean energy infrastructure and $60 million for regional maritime initiatives. The US Coast Guard will send more personnel to assist US partners in maritime training and construction, combating illegal fishing activities, and preventing forced labor in fisheries. The United States will also expand cooperation with ASEAN countries in areas such as pandemic and environmental protection.

In a background briefing, the official said Southeast Asia has long been important to the United States. As Southeast Asia has grown, the region has grown in importance, becoming more prosperous and important on a global scale. The United States needs to strengthen cooperation with both bilateral countries as well as with ASEAN.

When asked about China’s active investment in Southeast Asia in recent years, which has embarrassed ASEAN countries for being sandwiched between the United States and China, senior officials pointed out that the United States knows that China The region is an important player, and the United States is involved in Indo-Pacific strategy and bilateral exchanges. All of them made it clear that they would not ask countries to choose between the United States and China, but they also emphasized that the United States seeks a more stable relationship and hopes to expand cooperation. Area.

In addition to investments and deeper cooperation, Kurt Campbell, the White House’s coordinator for Indo-Pacific Affairs, said at a think tank event in Washington yesterday that Taiwan is also a topic of discussion at the US-ASEAN Leaders Summit.

Campbell said the US side will emphasize its willingness to take measures to ensure peace and stability in the Taiwan Straits, not seek provocative action, and clearly express its expectations of preventing provocative measures. For other countries, publicly or privately, it is important to emphasize that what happened in Ukraine should never happen in Asia.

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