Deep sea “swimming jelly”

Scientists have discovered that a new species of deep-sea fish “jellyfish” will quickly molt when brought ashore. taken from youtube

There are many such amazing creatures in the deep sea world that humans have never discovered. Scientists have recentlyAustraliawesternIndiaA new deep-sea fish has been discovered in the deep sea, which looks like a piece of black jelly and can only survive under high pressure.low temperatureSurviving in the deep sea, if brought ashore, it will “quickly melt”, the mystery of the wonderful species.

As “” reports, the Minderoo University Deep Sea Research Center in Western Australia has been devoted to the study of deep-sea organisms for many years, and more recently achieved a great success. The research team discovered a new species of deep-sea fish in the deep sea of ​​the Indian Ocean in Western Australia. This deep-sea fish belongs to the Lionfish family (Liparidae). The body is quite short without scales, and the entire body is black and translucent “jelly-like”.

The researcher (Todd Bond) stated that because this species has not been discovered or recorded in the past, it can be treated as a new species, and the black jellyfish has been tentatively named “snailfish”. Has been given. Snails live in the deep sea from 6500 m to 7500 m. The jelly-like body allows them to withstand cold and high pressure. Currently, they have no natural enemies or competing organisms, and can be said to dominate the deep sea. Todd Bond said he caught just two snails in this study, “which is really cool.”

From the video taken by the research team, we can see that snail fish swim freely in the sea, and their body is soft and the strongest part of their body is the ear bone of the inner ear, which is used to balance the body. is done for. Although snails can swim in the deep ocean, they will “melt” soon after being brought ashore. Because their body structure is completely specialized to adapt to a deep ocean environment, they will become very fragile after landing, and they will melt directly into objects like a beach black jelly.

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