Defeat Barito, Arema FC Pulls Position to Second

SportsDefeat Barito, Arema FC Pulls Position to Second

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HELP – Arema FC managed to lift their position to second in the 2021-2022 Liga 1 standings. The positive result was achieved after Singo Edan’s troops beat Barito Putera with a narrow 1-0 score at Sultan Agung Stadium, Tuesday (11/23/2021).

Arema coach Eduardo Almeida from the beginning instructed his team to go all out in order to take second place in the Liga 1 standings. A number of preparations were made, such as analyzing the opponent’s strength.

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But the facts on the ground are different. Barito Putera was able to provide fierce resistance. A number of opportunities were created as happened when Muhammad Rafli gave a pass to Carlos Fortes.

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Unfortunately, the dreadlocked player’s volley still bounced over the crossbar. Until 45 minutes of the first half after no goals were created.

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After leaving the locker room. Arema finally broke the deadlock in the 48th minute. It was Fortes who listed his name on the scoreboard through the white point (penalty).

Barito Putera tried to respond to the goal. However, Arema’s solid defense made it difficult for them to find an equalizer.

Six minutes before the game was over, disaster came for Arema. The reason, Barito Putera managed to score an equalizer through Cássio de Jesus.

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