Defeated at the 2021 Indonesia Masters, Greysia Polii admits there were no problems during service

SportsDefeated at the 2021 Indonesia Masters, Greysia Polii admits...

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NUSA DUA – Greysia Polii admitted that she had no problems while serving. This was conveyed by the Apriyani Rahayu tandem after failing to qualify for the semifinals of the Indonesia Masters 2021 in the women’s doubles.

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Greysia/Apriyani’s gait in the badminton event was stopped because they were defeated by Puttita Supajirakul/Sapsiree Taerattanachai 21-18, 13-21, and 19-21 in 83 minutes.

However, Greysia still sees the positive side. He said he was calmer in serving both forehand and backhand.

This was presented when Greysia/Apriyani Rahayu fought Supajirakul/Taerattanachai from Thailand in the quarter-finals.

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The tense moment occurred because while trailing 19-20 in the third game, Greysia acted as a service taker directed by Taerattanachai.

Greysia’s action went smoothly because her punches were relatively safe. However, in the end when the rally took place they failed to close it with a victory.

“I know that the more I come here, the more confident and calm I feel, and before I wanted to serve any kind of service, there was a certain trauma,” said Greysia.

Greysia does not deny that there is a sense of trauma because she often loses her serve. However, this time the 34-year-old tried to calm down and not feel any tension.

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