Defeated by Bali United Coach Angelo Alessio Umbar Anger, Persija changing room heats up

SportsDefeated by Bali United Coach Angelo Alessio Umbar Anger,...

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SOLOPersija Jakarta looks bad when bent Bali United 0-1 in continuation League 1 2021/2022 at the Manahan Stadium Solo, Thursday (25/11/2021) evening WIB. The situation sparked the anger of Coach Angelo Alessio and made the Kemayoran Tigers’ dressing room heat up.

Angelo’s anger was evident on the pitch and peaked at half-time. Yes, the appearance of Marko Simic and his friends was considered bad in the first half and did not succeed in carrying out the strategy that Angelo had prepared. Moreover, the Kemayoran Tigers conceded in the 25th minute.

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“Persija’s game was not good enough that they (Bali United) could score. I was angry in the dressing room before the second half,” Angelo said after the game in a virtual press conference, Thursday (25/11/2021).

For the performances displayed by his players, the 56-year-old tactician admitted that he was very disappointed. That’s because his team failed to create any chances so they didn’t have a chance to score an equalizer before the halftime whistle sounded.

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“I was disappointed with the performance of the players in the first half, because we didn’t create any chances, didn’t have the chance to score. It (the game) was not what I expected,” he regretted.

This was confirmed by Persija defender Maman Abdurrahman. According to him, the Capital City team played carelessly and lacked focus so that the Italian coach was very angry at half-time.

“We were careless and lacked focus. It was an evaluation for us. Before the second half the coach instructed us all to change the game, the coach was very angry,” said Maman.

Returning to Angelo, the fighting power of his team that was not seen in the match was also the cause of his anger in the Persija dressing room. Because he doesn’t care if he loses. On condition, players give maximum struggle.

“Our team can lose, we don’t score goals, but the fighting spirit must remain. That’s why I am very disappointed with the performance of the players in the first half,” closed Angelo.


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