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Defense Secretary Austin confirmed that he has been transferred to the temporary position of Deputy Secretary of Defense for the Intensive Care Unit.

According to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), the US Secretary of DefenseAustin(Lloyd Austin) was admitted to the hospital again at about 2:00 pm Eastern time on the 11th due to “emergency bladder problems.” that day at 4:55 pmpentagonA second statement was issued confirming that Austin had been transferred to the intensive care unit “to receive supportive care and close monitoring”, and Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks was appointed to temporarily take over the duties. Was.The doctor said that hiscancerThe prognosis is good.

Austin, 70, returned home the next day after undergoing minor surgery to treat prostate cancer on December 22 last year. Unexpectedly, he was hospitalized again on New Year’s Day this year due to complications such as nausea and severe pain. However, it was later revealed that President Biden, congressional officials, and none of the top national security officials, including his deputy secretary of defense, received the news immediately, triggering unanimous criticism from both parties in Congress.

This time, when Austin was hospitalized again, the White House, congressional officials, the Deputy Secretary of Defense, and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff were informed as soon as possible, and within three hours of the incident to avoid A statement was immediately issued. Hiding the fact of hospitalization created further uproar.

Pentagon spokesman Pat Ryder previously said he would update the defense secretary’s latest status as soon as possible. Later, he said twice that Austin had been transferred to the intensive care unit and that Deputy Defense Secretary Hicks was acting on his behalf.

Austin is expected to travel to Brussels this week to attend a meeting to discuss matters related to the Russia-Ukraine war, but officials said it was unclear how long Austin would remain hospitalized and Will this affect their original plans?

“It is unclear how long Austin will remain hospitalized,” doctors John Maddox and Gregory Chesnutt of Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Maryland said in the latest statement.

“The existing bladder problems are not expected to alter his expectations of a full recovery. His cancer prognosis remains excellent,” the statement said.



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