“Democracy applies to him but not to others”: from Francia Marquez to Paloma Valencia

U.S.A."Democracy applies to him but not to others": from...

Presidential candidate Francia Marquez and Uribista Senator Paloma Valencia. Photos: Twitter and Colpressa.

in the middle of a presidential debate organized by a newspaper the audience and the NGO Temblores, presidential candidate for the historic treaty, Francia Marquez showed understanding and strongly objected to Senator Paloma Valencia, Which until this Monday was one of Euribismo’s chips for the 2022 presidential elections.

Marquez argued with Valencia, Gustavo Petro, Rodrigo Lara, Roy Barreras, Federico Gutierrez, Alejandro Gaviria and Juan Manuel Galán On the reform of the national police during its possible mandate.

When he had the opportunity to speak, France told Valencia, who is from the Democratic Center and a staunch defender of the public force, Though he shared a name of being from Kaka Department, The concept of democracy in Colombia that it applied only to itself and not to “the rest” when it came to victims of police brutality.

“Paloma and I are from the same department. The point is that democracy applies to him, but not to the rest of this society,” said Francia Marquez, who was applauded by many of those involved in the debate.

In addition, the Cauca activist increasingly questioned the country’s democracy, which is rife with poverty, lack of education, violence and other endless problems that, according to him, currently affect Colombians. “How can you say democracy? What is democracy in this country for poor women who go to work in family homes and return to bury their children who were killed in the neighborhood? How do we call this country such a democracy? Which allows over 5,000 children to die of hunger and malnutrition in the last few years? Marquez inquired.

In other parts of his meaningful utterance, he looked directly at Paloma Valencia and began new questions in which he rebuked him for his perceived lack of otherness with his countrymen.

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“How can we say democracy if in the Kaka department, where you and I live, children today do not have internet connectivity? Children today do not have access to education”, concluded the candidate for the historic treaty, while then He was appreciated by the people present in the program.

Watch the scene below:

The video was circulated by Francia Marquez herself through her Twitter account, where she again questioned the Euribista senator for the concept of democracy. “The democracy that Paloma Valencia calls and defends does not benefit the poor and excluded majority. It is our commitment to fill democracy in Colombia with material, caring for life and guaranteeing the dignity of the majority ”, The Presidency Akanksha wrote in a trill in the company of the previous video.

Marquez’s emotional and emphatic response came after Valencia launched one of its famous defenses to the police and its dependents, where he insisted that “Colombian public force has made this country a democracy. It has faced drug trafficking cartels, paramilitary forces, FARC, ELN, and they have done so with the help of millions of Colombians who have supported them “, express, add in turn:

Security is not a matter for one party, security is an issue that citizens demand because those who abduct and who kill and who take their children and recruit and forcibly take them away, They are citizens of Colombia. Believing that security has been in the service of the state is a lie”, determined Paloma Valencia, while the public sneered at him.

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