Diana Golden slams Alfredo Edem: “He couldn’t get over me”

U.S.A.Diana Golden slams Alfredo Edem: "He couldn't get over...

Diana Golden once again attacked Alfredo Adam for his comments and for not paying for the damage done to his image (Photo: Cuartoscuro // Facebook / Alfredo Adame Official)

Between your media and the legal dispute, Diana Golden she texted her ex-husband again alfredo adame and confirmed that, so far, he has only given a check for 5 thousand pesos to cover the loss to defame him, but he He has not been able to submit it.

Actress Diana Golden once again attacked Adam for not paying him about 25 thousand pesos to damage his image, although this time the Colombian also assured that his former partner had leveled charges against him because haven’t crossed,

Golden, when asked about the progress of the televisa presenter’s payment, assured that, so far, he has not received the money because he is “too fraudulent” and therefore does not know what to do for not covering up. is enabled. damage to your image.

Diana Golden (Photo: Cuartoscoro)
Diana Golden (Photo: Cuartoscoro)

“He doesn’t want to pay. He has already defended himself, lost his security, appealed, went and left a check for 5,000 pesos in court, but I don’t know when he appealed.” What other example did he use because he is very deceitful, Then the check is held there“The actress said in an interview windowing,

He said that due to the fact that Adem has not made the prescribed payment when he loses the case, his debt is increasing, because initially he will have to pay the figure of 18 thousand pesos, but at present it is approx. 28 thousand 30 thousand pesos, according to the actress.

Diana said that the attacks made by the actor against her and her lawyer are due to the fact that he has not managed to forget her. “I got over it, I got married for the second time, my life went on; He’s the one who couldn’t conquer me‘Poor thing, since it overtakes me,’ remarked amidst laughter.

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Alfredo Adam - Mexico - 09042021
Adam responded by assuring that his ex-wife is an “ambitious” man (Photo: Infobay Mexico) (Photo: Infobay Mexico. /)

On previous occasions, the Colombian has assured that her ex-husband does not have the necessary resources to cover his debts as she has decided to Inherited by his daughter while alive Vanessa, with whom he has a distant relationship and because of which he is unable to access the money.

,He doesn’t have to eat or wear clothes. I don’t make fun of it because it makes me sad. You don’t even want to eat god coward”, he taunted happy come,

For these comments of the hero of violent nightsAlfredo admitted he was bankrupt, but called him “ambitious.” He also confirmed that his fortune was inherited from his daughter Vanessa. They also assured that their accounts were not confiscated at any time by Golden’s legal representative, as they would remain in that position since their divorce. Mary Paz Banquels.

,how stupid is this bird, besides being ambitious. Is it a crime to be poor? I am poor, very poor, broken, I have nothing to eat or anything, but I am a happy and dignified person, ”said the presenter.

Although their separation dates back to 1999, problems between the former couple persist to this day as Diana began the legal process against Edem in 2018. According to Golden, the actor ran a smear campaign where he branded her as being drug dealer And he called her mother-in-law a whore. “He has dedicated himself to speaking badly about everyone, now he has to face the consequences!”, for the program television pictures,

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