Friday, August 5, 2022

Discord under the table, save face on the table William, Kate wish Meghan a happy birthday

The love-hate relationship between several important members of the British royal family will always attract the attention of the world, especially those who have left Britain for more than two years.To troubleprince and wifemeganoand Prince Charles, who would successively inherit the throne,WilliamThe knots and squabbles between the princes are even more discussed. Although all sides know that Charles is still angry with his youngest son Harry and his daughter-in-law Meghan, he has always been wary of revealing shady royal stories. After all, as a father, he needs to show generosity. What she should do is still not allowed as Meghan recently celebrated her 41st birthday, she still posted pictures and text of congratulations via the official social networking site.

As for Harry’s brother William, ever since Harry expressed his desire to marry Meghan, he advised her to take it easy and think carefully. It is said that this caused a knot between the brothers. There are also many rumors in the market that Meghan is a card. The biggest problem among them is that William may be able to forgive his younger brother, but it is difficult for Meghan to accept Meghan, and it is even more unbearable to think Because of the choice of marriage, Meghan once wept bitterly. Flower girl clothes. Still, the most important thing on William’s mind is that he can successfully take the throne, so the face on stage will still be given to Meghan, so that Meghan and Harry don’t return, so he and Kate sent a message as well. Meghan with Kate via official account. Root congratulations.

In contrast, Queen Elizabeth II, who has always been less critical of Harry and Meghan, did not send a special congratulatory message this time, leading to speculation in the British media, but for no apparent reason yet, and Meghan’s mind it is. Will have to see what effect it has.

Although Kate (from left) and William were dissatisfied with Harry and Meghan, they jointly issued a message wishing Meghan a happy birthday. (Reuters file photo)


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