Disney CEO Says “Can We Succeed Without the Chinese Market”?

Disney CEO Bob Chapek. (Getty Images)

DisneyDisney CEO Bob Chapek said:MoviesIt is still difficult to release in China, but box office returns are low, so the absence of a Chinese market will not hinder success. The speech was simplified to “the Chinese market without success”, which triggered a backlash in Chinese public opinion.

According to Deadline, entertainment giant Disney (Disney) announced its second quarter earnings on the 12th, and Chapek pointed out that even without the Chinese market, “strangeDoctor 2: The Runaways Multiverse has surpassed $500 million in global market value in less than a week, and China hasn’t released any Marvel movies since 2019’s “Avengers: Endgame.”

Chapek reportedly acknowledged Disney’s challenges in distributing films in China, where “political and commercial considerations are very complex.”

Chapek further noted that although films distributed by Disney have encountered difficulties in China, China’s box office revenue is lower than in the rest of the world, so even the absence of a Chinese market will not hinder Disney’s overall success. .

However, Chapek’s comments were simplified to “the Chinese market does not want”, which triggered a rebound in Chinese Internet and media public opinion.

Related topics on Weibo are full of abuse from many Chinese netizens, such as “China made you”, “when you make money why don’t you talk about it”, “go back when you have enough money” and Step on Us”, “Never Go Disney.” ”, and some called for a boycott. Some media also deliberately reported that Disney’s trading company in China had been punished in recent years.

However, some netizens criticized the relevant reports for taking them out of context. “China has a low box office share for Disney, so even though a lot of people are watching in China, Disney doesn’t make that much.” Peck said the strong investigation is true.

Disney’s films have been a rage in China for almost a year now and are slow to get approvals. Take for example Marvel Studios, which produces superhero films. Last year’s “Black Widow”, the first Chinese hero film “Shang Qi and the Legend of the Ten Rings”, and “The Eternal” directed by Oscar-best director Zhao Ting. “Doctor Strange 2: Out of Control Multiverse”, which is currently being released, is yet to be released in China.

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