Disney’s ‘Aladdin’ Sequel Could Replace Will Smith With Dwayne Johnson?

Dwayne Johnson is a popular hit, and new movies want to capture him. (Reuters file photo)

Basically, the image in Hollywood was not bad, and the popularity was not weak.Will SmithBecause of the slap in the Oscars, they have become the target of mainstream public opinion in Europe and the United States. He has a slew of new films that have either been called off or postponed, causing him to worry that his acting career will be disrupted, and he will not be happy now, Aandhi Nikal Aayi,DisneyIt’s possible to consider taking her place in the live-action “Aladdin” sequel and finding another actor to handle the elf she played in the first episode. Currently, the most popular will beDwayne Johnson,

In the past, there have been several incidents in Hollywood where actors were replaced after a scandal. For example, Johnny Depp lost the opportunity to perform in “Monster and Dumbledore’s Secret”, and Kevin Spacey’s scenes in “The World of Money” were all rejected. No, it’s a reworking of Christopher Plummer, etc. The most intense reaction to the image of the artist in the major film companies is Disney and Warner. Johnny Depp was already in talks for $22.5 million to star in “Fantasy 6,” but Amber Heard accused him of being “domestic abuse.” That, “Fantastic Voyage 6” was born dead, and “Aladdin 2” was also a film that Disney had planned to shoot. Going by his previous theories, Will Smith’s elf would be the first episode of the blockbuster, even if he stole the show again and it’s hard to find his place in the sequel. While there is no definitive evidence for a “change of roles”, it is not impossible, and Dwayne Johnson only collaborated with him on “Jungle Adventure”, so it is not completely unrecognizable, and like Red Hotspot, Replacing Will with Dwayne Johnson is also somewhat believable.

If Will Smith wants to survive this crisis of changed roles, he can only hope that the preparation process for “Aladdin 2” will be long, and his slap in the face is slowly forgotten over time. , so the audience and industry can accept it. After that, there was no need for Disney to switch roles immediately. I’m afraid the slapstick firepower will last too long, and that Will Smith may actually have to say goodbye to the elf before “Aladdin 2” wraps up filming.

Will Smith's Genie
Will Smith’s genie is the focal point of “Aladdin.” imdb. picture / excerpt from

Will Smith is at the bottom of his career, and a bunch of characters are in danger of being replaced in the new films.  (Reuters file photo)
Will Smith is at the bottom of his career, and a bunch of characters are in danger of being replaced in the new films. (Reuters file photo)

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