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TechnologyDiver-X announces development of HalfDive, a stationary VR device...

Diver-X, which aims to create a world where people can take maximum actions and experiences while in the ground state (that is, while sleeping in a futon), was optimized for use while sleeping on September 13. Announced the VR device “Half Dive”. From November 6, 2021, we plan to recruit supporters on the crowdfunding Kickstarter. The price is assumed to be a basic model (about 80,000 yen), a full set (about 120,000 yen), and a model compatible with the variable focus function (about 400,000 yen). Information on the hand controller will be released on YouTube at the end of September. At the same time, it announced that it would raise funds of 30 million yen through a third-party allotment in the seed round with DEEPCORE as the underwriter.

Most of the VR head-mounted displays (VR HMDs) that are currently in widespread use are supposed to be worn and moved around, so the emphasis is on miniaturization and weight reduction. The Half Dive, on the other hand, is a stationary type that is optimized for use while lying down, so there are no performance restrictions due to its small size and light weight.

The main features are as follows.

Unique optical system that supports variable focus function (top model) that realizes a maximum viewing angle of 134 degrees and visual beauty

Unlike a normal VR HMD that uses a Fresnel lens, by combining 10 aspherical lenses, flare and image distortion are eliminated, and a maximum viewing angle of 134 degrees and clear images are achieved. The top model is also equipped with a variable focus function.

An immersive sound system that takes advantage of the spherical housing

A total of four speakers are placed in a spherical housing that covers the entire head to provide an immersive sound.

Numerous sensory feedback

Wind feedback from two fans provides a highly immersive VR experience by making the face feel the wind. It is also possible to maintain the comfort of the wearer by blowing air.

In addition, force feedback using wires expresses the feeling of touching an object in the VR space, the feeling of cutting with a sword, and the feeling of friction.

Vibration feedback using an exciter conveys vibrations such as monster footsteps, gunshots, and environmental sounds.

The foot controller and emulation system emulate the movement of the avatar by tilting the left and right ankles. Even if you are sleeping, you can express the same movement as when you are standing.

Modular and open source design

Since it is a stationary type, it can be expanded with expansion modules such as a sensory feedback module and a wireless communication module. There are RJ45 terminals and screw holes for connecting the expansion module on the side of the housing.

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Module design and communication programs will be open sourced, allowing third parties and users to develop their own modules. Through this, we aim to “build an ecosystem for the realization of a higher quality VR experience.”

“I want to go to school with my futon on, I want to get the job done. I think everyone has thought about it once,” says Diver-X. In addition, “We have implemented many functions and interfaces that have been cut off in the trade-off of miniaturization and weight reduction by making the best use of the advantages of optimizing while sleeping, which is contrary to the era of completely stationary type. And create a new experience. “

However, it is not just a device for comfort, but the possible use cases also include usage for medical and long-term care. There is a possibility that bedridden people will have more opportunities to engage in social activities.

Diver-X is a startup co-founded in March 2021 by Daisho Sakoda, a student at Keio University, and Kei Asano, a student at Columbia University. “If we can have the same experience as at school and the same production as at work while in the futon, the quality of life of humankind should improve significantly,” they say. “If the value and experience gained there are the same, one should take steps that can be done even with lower motivation, and the lower the motivation required, the more things can be worked on. Assuming, the ground state for humans, sleeping, is the most actionable state. “


    • Degree of freedom:4.5dof
    • Optical system: Unique optical system using a total of 10 aspherical lenses (supports variable focus function)
    • Maximum viewing angle:The level is about 134 degrees
    • resolution: One eye 1600 × 1440px Both eyes 3200 × 1440px
    • Refresh rate: Above 90Hz
    • Dial-type physical IPD adjustment:58~82mm
    • audio: Immersive sound system with 4 speakers
    • Microphone: Unidirectional condenser microphone
    • controller: Both hands / feet controller
    • tracking: LightHouse compatible, avatar motion emulation system with foot controller
    • camera: Keyboard overlay system
    • interface: DisplayPort 1.2, USB 2.0 / 3.0, 3.5mm audio jack, 12V power supply, RJ45 (I2C: module connection)
    • platform: Fully compatible with SteamVR (OpenVR / OpenXR)
    • SDK: Unity (with VRchat exclusive function), Unreal Engine


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