Divorce by strict parents lovers reunited 40 years later

WorldDivorce by strict parents lovers reunited 40 years later

The resident of Great Britain reunited with her lover, with whom she was divorced by her strict father almost 40 years ago. This was reported by Metro.

In the 1970s, at a boarding school near Nottingham, then-16-year-old Penny Ambers met a black boy named Mark Bethel. He came to England from the Bahamas. Soon after the acquaintance, the young people fell in love with each other and became a couple.

After graduation, the lovers went to study at various universities. One day the girl’s father visited her fiancé, asked him to divorce his daughter and threatened to deprive him of his scholarship if he refused. Bethel’s parents also disapproved of his union with a white girl, and under pressure from relatives, he was forced to make the “hardest decision of his life” – to divorce Ambers.

“I did not have the opportunity to influence anything. I was almost five thousand kilometers from home, in a foreign country. I was completely dependent on my scholarship, ”Bethel admitted.

The British woman was having a hard time breaking up – she dropped out of college, got married twice and divorced. Bethel, on the other hand, graduated from college and built a successful career in the hotel business. He had other relationships, but he “never forgot his first love.” For decades, the man searched for his beloved on the Internet, but because Ambers changed her last name twice, he did not succeed.

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In late 2019, he found on Facebook a photo of a woman very similar to her and asked in the comments, Penny it. It turned out that he finally found the love of youth. The couple could not reunite for a long time due to restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, but in June 2020 the British went to the Bahamas.

In early October, Penny returned home to England, and as soon as she got off the plane, Bethel offered her a hand and heart. Now the 61-year-old groom and 60-year-old bride are planning a wedding.

Earlier it was reported that the lovers, who had not seen each other since their youth, found each other through a social network after 36 years of separation and got married. The couple played a wedding just 25 kilometers from the place of the first meeting.

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